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Mont Harmon Searches for Top Spellers

Photos by Jeff Barrett Mont Harmon Middle School sought the top spellers in each grade during the class spelling bee last week. The competition found the top students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades.After many rounds of competition, the field was narrowed to the top spellers for each respective grade. In the sixth grade, Bella Jones, Michael Fivecoat, Halton Hunt, Josiah Trostle and Taylor Hawk will advance to the school-wide spelling bee. In the seventh grade, Kloe Austin, Cameron Jones, Kyler Greehaul, December Jensen and Camden Escalante will advance. Finally, in the eight grade, Boyd Bradford, Wyatt Falk, Anastasia McGinnis, Nathan Engar and Haven Barley will vie for the school title.These 15 students will compete in the school-wide spelling bee to see who will advance to the district competition. read more