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Authorities release images of woman who abandoned alligator at Chicago airport

first_imgAUTHORITIES IN CHICAGO have released a series of images of a woman they believe discarded a small, sickly alligator at O’Hare International Airport earlier this month.Security footage shows the woman boarding a Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line train just after 1 am on 1 November, carrying the reptile under her arm.She’s seen chatting on the phone with the alligator in her hand and on her knee before she leaves the train at O’Hare an hour later.She’s later spotted boarding a train near the airport around 2.45 am without the alligator.The two-foot-long reptile was captured hours later after a maintenance worker found it under an escalator at Terminal 3.It was trapped under a rubbish bin until a handler came to catch it.Nicknamed “Allie” by a local rescue group, the reptile is being rehabilitated by volunteers at the Chicago Herpetalogical Society.The CTA is asking anyone who might be able to identify the woman to get in touch with them.-Additional reporting by Emer Mc LysaghtLook: Really, Dublin airport?Read: Trinity College’s new sculpture is being compared to a giant sex toy (NSFW)Read: Would you return €70k you found in a desk bought online?>last_img read more