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Sony Online Entertainment Service Suspended

first_imgIn what appears to be two steps back in Sony’s response to a hacker intrusion to its network, the company has cut off access to all games powered by its MMO subsidiary Sony Online Entertainment.The company claims it is a new issue that has arisen since an assumed group of hackers cracked into the PlayStation Network in mid April.In a statement, SOE said credit card data of more than 23,000 customers have been potentially compromised. However, the threat only exists to those who have a billing address outside the US.Via Computerworldlast_img

GTA IV Portal mod adds playable ATLAS and Pbody

first_imgGTA IV on the PC has had a number of mods created for it. The best I’ve seen is the ICEhancer mod by IcE La Glace, which makes the game look absolutely gorgeous on modern hardware through a graphics update for the ageing engine.There’s a new mod for the game that may prove just as popular as ICEhancer, but it doesn’t make the game look any better. Instead, it adds the robot characters ATLAS and P-body from the co-op campaign of Portal 2.The mod has been created by modder indrivacula, who explains he got the two robots to walk around together in-game by using a bodyguard setting. Very clever.Regardless of whether you’ve already played through GTA IV or not, revisiting the game and playing in robot form adds comedy value if nothing else. Ordering a hot dog, stealing cars, riding on a Chopper, and walking among the population without anyone taking any notice is highly amusing.The mod itself is only a 3.49MB download, and can be found at the link below. Details of how to install this and most other mods is available over at gtagaming.com.Download the mod for free from GTA4-Modslast_img read more