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Garden Royalty

first_imgMention the word “ascot” and you probably think about a silky, men’s tie most likely worn by the upper crust of European society. Then there is the Royal Ascot horse race, where the word is associated with royalty and high society. Today, however, I want you to associate the word with ‘Ascot Rainbow,’ an evergreen, perennial euphorbia that is capturing the imagination of the gardening world.Botanically speaking, ‘Ascot Rainbow’ is known as “Euphorbia x martinii.” It is native to Australia, where the name “Ascot” is associated with an old, wealthy suburb of Brisbane. In truth, it is known as a spurge, which we most often associate with a host of terrible weeds. ‘Ascot Rainbow,’ however, is worthy of garden royalty.First, know that the plants are perennial in zones 5 to 9, which means much of the country can enjoy the incredible texture this plant offers the landscape border. They reach 20 inches tall, with an equal spread. I am plant-lusting them now in mixed containers where they have been partnered with other cool-season flowers like pansies, violas, kale and snapdragons. There is just something about the plant that holds my attention.The foliage is deep green, with golden margins in the cool season. This drop in temperature also fires them up with shades of red, pink and even orange. In spring and summer, the bloom is among the most unique as it features a cup of lime-colored bracts with red centers.The ‘Ascot Rainbow’ is drought tolerant, and boasts another trait that will thrill gardeners everywhere – they are rabbit and deer resistant. As you would probably think, a drought-tolerant euphorbia from Australia needs good drainage and thrives in full to partial sun.In a way, I think of them as evergreen perennials, but it helps in design if you consider them more as dwarf shrubs. Plant them in a cluster of three with ornamental grasses and perennials like purple coneflowers, rudbeckias and blue salvias. They fit this type of border, perfectly adding a great deal of interest from both leaf texture and bloom.If you are the lucky gardener with rocks or a slope, then let ‘Ascot Rainbow’ dazzle all of your visitors as you combine it with other drought-tolerant, tough-as-nails flowers. But as I have stated, you will treasure them as the thriller plant in cool-season mixed containers. They naturally form a rounded ball, and with a layer of pansies, including some trailing in front, they are most picturesque. If your container is large enough, then your options are limitless as you can use them with tall snapdragons, and dianthus and blue-leafed kale, which contrasts with the golden variegation of ‘Ascot Rainbows.’ You are the artist and simply using it will make your neighbors think, “Look who took a special gardening class!”Maintenance is easy. Remove old bloom stalks all the way to the ground in late summer or fall. Like other spurges, we grow this one not to be eaten, but to be enjoyed for the beauty and texture it offers your garden.Follow me on Twitter: @CGBGgardenguru. Learn more about the University of Georgia’s Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm at www.coastalgeorgiabg.org/.last_img read more

USACE Increases Funding for Oregon Dredging Projects

first_imgOregon Representative Peter DeFazio has secured an additional $11.7 million from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for projects in Oregon’s Fourth Congressional District as part of the Fiscal Year 2020 work plan for the Corps’ Civil Works program.“Our ports and harbors along the Oregon coast are critical lifelines for coastal communities, and support jobs throughout the state,” said Rep. DeFazio. “I am grateful the Corps listened to our requests and increased funding for dredging and maintenance at Oregon ports. The fact is, we still need more funding for jetty work in Coos Bay, but the funding being provided is a step in the right direction and I will continue pushing to ensure the needs of coastal communities in my district are met.”The new resources announced earlier this week will allow the Corps to conduct routine and necessary maintenance dredging at five ports in southwestern Oregon.Dredging keeps open the ports of call that serve Oregon fishing and ocean tourism industries that contribute hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the state’s economy. The Oregon Employment Department reports that commercial fishing directly employs nearly 500 people in Lane, Coos and Curry counties.On December 23, 2019, DeFazio, along with Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley, sent a letter to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works urging an increase in funding for Oregon ports.“Oregon’s ports are the lynchpin for economic activity in many of the state’s rural areas. These ports are hubs for international trade, recreations, and commercial fishing, and contribute to the local, regional, and national economies,” the Members wrote.Additional funding was awarded to the following projects:Chetco River: $274,000 – Funds will be used for dredging activities;Coos Bay: $8,000,000 – Funds will be used for dredging activities;Coquille River: $706,000 – Funds will be used for dredging activities;Rogue River at Gold Beach: $247,000 – Funds will be used for dredging activities;Siuslaw River: $2,449,000 – Funds will be used for dredging and environmental activities.last_img read more

Warriors-Rockets cheatsheet: Houston looking to take the season series

first_imgDespite an up and down season, the Rockets have had success against Golden State, winning the first two matchups of the season. Now, with a national tv audience watching, Houston will try to take the season series Saturday evening.Here’s everything you need to know about the matchup.When/Where: Oracle Arena, 7:30 p.m. (ABC)Rockets projected starting lineup: Chris Paul, PJ Tucker, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, James Harden Rockets Stock Report: With center Capela, Paul and Gordon out …last_img

Why 49ers need to knock around Jared Goff to beat Rams

first_imgStatistically speaking, the best way for the 49ers to get back on the winning track Saturday night against the Rams is to make Jared Goff’s homecoming as painful as possible.One of the knocks against the Rams’ $100 million quarterback is he can sometimes be easily rattled by a potent pass rush.Since the Rams (8-6) started the season 3-0, the numbers show the former Cal star really seems at his worst when he gets knocked around. There have been six games in which Goff’s been hit at least …last_img

Land Dinosaurs Buried with Fish

first_imgSince dinosaurs are icons of evolutionary TV shows and even children’s cartoons about prehistoric evolving life, it may come as a surprise to some that evolutionists do not own the dinosaurs; even the name dinosaur was invented by a creationist, Richard Owen.  Last month, a creationist dinosaur dig in Montana1 was a monstrous success.  Joe Taylor and a group of Christian fossil hunters at a Fossil Camp sponsored by Otis Kline found more than the usual bones of triceratops, hadrosaurs, and velociraptors.  They were looking for what the matrix reloaded:As always, we are very interested in how the bones are laying and what else is buried with them, and there was a lot of good news for creationism in that regard.  On our T-rex site a few miles away, we found petrified figs, crocodile teeth, water turtles, fish bones, closed clams and a log jam of trees mixed in with 18 broken T-rex teeth.  There were also a half dozen velociraptor teeth and numerous fish teeth, but very few leaves.  At the triceratops site there were lots of plants mixed in with the clay layers above and in with the bones.Taylor and his team confirmed that the bones were buried in a current flowing southeast. [John MacKay, Australian creationist] uncovered layers of plants well above our layer as well as at least 12 feet below it.  In almost every case, the twigs and plants were orientated southeast.  He also pointed out that, due to the fact that we found plant material stuck to the surface of the bone, our triceratops’ illium (about 3-feet long) was probably from an animal that already become a skeleton rather than being buried alive.A strange assortment of plant material was found buried together, plants that could not have grown in the same climate: figs, sequoias, willows and horsetails.  The clay also contained bits of amber, “which signifies that the trees were buried quickly, preserving the sap still oozing from their freshly broken trunks.”  To the team, the evidence of diverse plants, land animals and marine animals buried together in the same deposit “all strongly suggest a terrific, wide-ranging catastrophe and rapid burial.”  Taylor, a fossil hunter with many years’ experience, says this is not a local anomaly: “I can testify that the same phenomenon is typical over several surrounding states,” he says.1From an August email newsletter distributed by Joe Taylor.  His website is www.mtblanco.com.Do you remember movies or TV shows on dinosaurs showing triceratops and velociraptors running around with clams and fish?  The context of these bones is just as important as the bones.  The depth of these layers, and the diverse contents, spread over multiple states, cannot be explained by some local flood or slow, gradual process.  The catastrophe that buried these animals ripped the flesh off the bones and ground plant material into them.  Why don’t you hear about these things from the major media?  Is it because the findings don’t fit their favorite just-so story?  If you don’t agree with Joe Taylor’s interpretation, get out there and dig.(Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

How Do You Determine Which Partners Will Fuel Your Success?

first_imgHow OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Related Posts Brad AndersonEditor In Chief at ReadWrite Tags:#business#ceo#Entrepreneur#entrepreneurship#Fintech#leader#partner#partnership Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at ReadWrite.com. He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at readwrite.com. Most leaders have been bombarded by the idea that business partnerships are vital to their success. Partners can extend a company’s reach, add new audiences, enhance its value, expand its capabilities, and even boost its reputation by association.Marketing Week pointed out that behemoths like Amazon and Adidas have grown larger as a result of their partnerships — Adidas increased its brand value by 50 percent, mainly thanks to its expanded roster of partners, while Amazon notched a $208 billion brand value rating as a result of its partnerships. Bringing brands like Whole Foods under the Amazon umbrella powerfully changed the company’s sphere of influence.The problem is that while many leaders know they need to pursue partnerships to strengthen their businesses, it’s not clear how they can distinguish capable, dynamic partners from lackluster ones. What’s good for one company can be disastrous for another.Luckily, there are a few ways to determine which partnerships will fuel sustainable growth.1. Look for partners who share your values. Partners who share values may have different methods of fulfilling their needs, but they don’t lose sight of what’s important. Aiming for the same goal also means your business’s chances of achieving its end game are higher — with another force behind its efforts, it’s less likely to lose momentum or pivot without deep analysis.FutureFuel, a fintech platform that enables employers to help employees pay down their student debt, joined forces with partners who shared its goal of eliminating financial roadblocks. By partnering with companies like Colonial Life, FutureFuel underscored its commitment to streamlining student debt repayment and made it easier for employers to participate. “Every employer we speak to understands that multiple generations of employees are struggling with student debt,” FutureFuel’s founder and CEO, Laurel Taylor, says. Its partnerships, combined with its platform, empowers the brand to more quickly touch a larger number of those employers.2. Cultivate partnerships that are equal. Preferences and tendencies don’t necessarily have to be equal within a partnership; a partner with a higher risk tolerance can balance a partner averse to risk. But when other factors — such as money or clout — take precedence and allow one partner to steer the ship, it can damage the entire partnership. The relationship has to be built on collaboration and discussion rather than unilateral decision-making.Mike Whitaker, a serial entrepreneur and accelerator board member, says he learned that leverage lesson the hard way. In 2010, his manufacturing business went under — to the tune of a $15 million loss for Whitaker. He’d become vulnerable to his partners’ position, and when things soured, his choice of partners came back to bite him. “Partnership is strongest when the collective vision is clear, the motivations are the same and the leverage is not one-sided,” Whitaker explains. “If you feel helpless in a partnership, it is not a partnership.”3. Pinpoint partners who are enthusiastic and polite — but not too polite. Besides values, one thing that will sustain a long-term partnership is motivation. Partners who not only share values, but also goals beyond them — such as becoming the go-to provider, building a $100 million company, or establishing a household name — will thrive. But virtual strangers who enter into partnerships can fall into the habit of being polite — so polite that they hide their true interest in a project or effort until their waning enthusiasm torpedoes the whole endeavor.Neil Patel, the marketing expert behind Quick Sprout, has worked with the same partner for more than a decade. He feels their success can be attributed to one thing that holds so many others back: confrontation. “We don’t care if we hurt each other’s feelings. We say what is on our minds. Why? Because we both want to succeed and do what is best for the business. So if one of us is holding back the business or doing something wrong, we make sure we point it out,” he explains. “If you are too afraid to tell your business partner how you feel, you won’t be able to make your partnership work.”Strong partners may provide a lot of capital, expertise, or visibility. While those factors can vary, shared ideologies and equal standing have to exist for partnerships to truly help a business grow. In their absence, one partner will be left holding the bag — and that’s exactly what great partnerships were built to avoid. China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

Warm morning in city

first_imgNew Delhi: It was a warm Friday morning, with the minimum temperature settling at 28.3 degrees Celsius, a notch above the season’s average. According to the MeT department, the humidity level recorded at 8.30 am was 80 per cent. The weatherman has predicted light rain later in the day in the national capital. “The skies will be generally cloudy. There is possibility of light rain later in the day,” he said. He also said that maximum temperature is expected to hover around 34 degrees Celsius. On Thursday, the minimum temperature recorded was 27.8 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature settled at 36.9 degrees Celsius.last_img