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Teen arraigned for murder of NDC Clerk

first_imgNineteen-year-old Rollan Abrams, of Melanie, East Coast Demerara, was on Tuesday arraigned for the murder of David Gentle, whose body was found lying motionless in a pool of blood near his bicycle at Haslington, ECD.Abrams was not required to plead to the indictable charge when he appeared at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court. The Police stated that on September 2, 2019, Abrams murdered 58-year-old Gentle.Murder accused:Rollan AbramsHe was remanded to prison by presiding Magistrate Fabayo Azore and was scheduled to make his next court appearance on October 22, 2019.It was reported that Gentle, of Lot 42 Golden Grove, ECD, was a Clerk attached to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) at the time of his demise.Police investigations revealed that on the day in question, Gentle, a father of four, was last seen at a karaoke in Nabaclis North, ECD.Upon the discovery of his body, relatives dismissed robbery as a motive, since it was found with his jewellery and his cellular phone.Dead: David GentleGentle’s younger sister, Wanda Benjamin, had stated that on the day in question, she was awakened by someone who arrived at her home to request the services of her husband – a photographer. The woman said she and her family went to the scene, but initially did not recognise Gentle as his face was covered with blood.After a thorough investigation, Abrams was arrested and charged.last_img read more

What will it take for Warriors and Lakers to become a rivalry?

first_imgLacob floated the possibility he will sit in his courtside seat sporting one of his championship rings when the Warriors … CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile device* * *Subscribe to the Mercury News and East Bay Times for $40 a year and receive a free Warriors championship coffee table book* * *OAKLAND >> During this holiday season, Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob does not have the spirit of giving. Instead, he seems more naughty than nice.last_img

Health care goes high tech in South Africa

first_img21 April 2016The innovative Electronic Bed Management System (eBMS) had reduced patient waiting times for beds by at least two hours at some hospitals in the Steve Biko Academic Cluster in Pretoria, said the Gauteng department of health at the official launch on 19 April.During the pilot phase at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital earlier this year, the system proved successful and it was decided to roll out the eBMS throughout the cluster.On average, 27.7 million patients visit hospitals across South Africa’s Gauteng province annually and there has been a shortage of beds.What is an electronic bed management system?The project is about managing hospital beds in the context of high demand on public health #eBMS— MECHealthGP (@GautengHealth) April 19, 2016See more:Already, staff members have commended the new system.“Hospital personnel are using the information gleaned from eBMS to make both long- and short-term decisions that have led to some hospitals seeing a reduction in patient waiting times and better ward and staff utilisation,” the department said.How it workseBMS allows hospital staff to view bed availability within their hospital on a large display screen. Because of its cloud-based technology, the information can even be accessed via the internet on computers or mobile devices such as phones and tablets.“This system can tell us where we should take casualty patients immediately, this is based on real time information” – MEC Mahlangu #eBMS— MECHealthGP (@GautengHealth) April 19, 2016Better careKalafong Hospital clinical manager Dr Khin Htwe said management was using eBMS to make reallocation decisions about ward beds.“We have split not frequently used wards to move beds to a ward that is always busy,” added Htwe. “Having had the system in place since early January, Kalafong has already seen a two-hour reduction in their casualty waiting times.” It helped to improve patient care because of increased transparency.Gauteng emergency medical services will also use the system when transporting patients to hospitals, which will lead to better co-ordination of it services.MEC for Health Qedani Mahlangu said the introduction of this system was part of initiatives by the department to improve health care provision through the use of technology.She anticipated the system would be fully implemented across the province by the end of 2016.MEC Qedani Mahlangu, addressing the #eBMS launch event. “This technology is crucial for hospitals and @GautengEMS ” pic.twitter.com/6Qe1EBUjOa— MECHealthGP (@GautengHealth) April 19, 2016Source: South Africa.info reporterlast_img read more

How to Bring Your Geocaching “A” Game

first_img SharePrint RelatedGeocache Icon Run: find the most cache types in one dayApril 19, 2018In “Community”Behind the Scenes with a Geocaching.com Volunteer ReviewerJanuary 13, 2011In “Community”6 ways to overcome your geocaching obstaclesOctober 29, 2019In “Learn” Don’t worry, it happens in every relationship. Your geocaching game might fall into a rut. But geocaching has more to offer than you have ever suspected. Here are a few tips to take your geocaching game to the next level and make it more rewarding than ever.Check out your Geocaching statistics and push your comfort zone. See how many finds you’ve had in your more productive months. Try creating a goal to add at least ten more finds than your highest monthly total. If quantity isn’t your game, add some variety to your finds. Geocaching offers more than a dozen different geocache types to find, like Traditional geocaches, Multi-Caches and Puzzle Caches. Have you found five different types? Ten? There’s at least one more option in the realm of numbers: difficulty and terrain ratings. Can you push yourself to solve a D5 puzzle or complete an epic T5 hike?Keeping geocaching fresh isn’t just about expanding boundaries; it’s also about expanding relationships. Bring new friends along for the adventure. First send them the new “What is Geocaching?” video, then take them to find a geocache with at least a few Favorite Points. Next you’ll be standing back, receiving praise and high-fives for introducing your friends to geocaching. And you? You’ll enjoy new geocaching buddies.Finally, add another layer to your geocaching adventure by releasing a Geocaching Trackable into the wild. Launch a Geocaching Travel Bug® with a goal of bouncing from geocache to geocache until it lands on your favorite beach, in a new city or even a new country—and then make the return journey.What are your tips for spicing up your geocaching life? Share them on the Geocaching Facebook Page, and in comments below.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Belowrez App Puts Your Cat in a Retro Video Game

first_imgGertrude was no match for Mimosa in the grand scheme of things as the feline heroine gave her adverse-possession-claiming nemesis an arrogant sniff before sending her plummeting five stories off the cat condo. Cue Mimosa looking poignantly off into the distance.10. Game over  phillip mlynar The hero of Super Mimosa World II is, of course, Mimosa. She’s a tiny cat who likes lounging and real estate — but more of that in a minute. I used one of the less pixelated filters to show off her adorable face.3. Introduce a villain  Related Posts 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Canny use of cat treats prompted Mimosa to start assailing her cat condo in the name of adventure. The pink ball was meant to be one of Gertrude’s minions but she just walked straight past it.7. Level two Mimosa is so angry at Gertrude’s flagrant behavior that she’s gone green in the face and turned the world around her a dangerously fiery hue. It’s an effect that’s easy to create with Belowrez.6. Player one, begin!  See also: Apple Slams The Door On Super Mario Every good retro video game needs an end screen. Here Mimosa is sitting atop her reclaimed cat condo and contemplating taking a well deserved nap.Do you like what I did using the Belowrez app? What would you use it for? Show us some pictures in the comments! More stories from Catster:Oh, the Games My Cats and I Play with TreatsCat-opoly Is Just Like Monopoly, but with WAY More CatsiPad Games for Cats: It’s a ThingConfession: I Play Hide and Seek with My CatAre Laser Pointers Actually Good Cat Toys? Editor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at Catster. Anyone who’s ever dreamed of having her cat star in a retro video game was in luck earlier this month as the Belowrez app launched. Available on iPhone, the app turns your photos into highly pixellated 8-bit-style images—just like the ones from the days of the N.E.S. and Sega Master System. It’s a cinch to use and, with a little bit of creative prompting, a natty way to add yet another fictional backstory to your favorite feline friend. Here’s how my cat, Mimosa, found her way into a platforming adventure game with a steely real estate sub-plot.1. Pick a title  The plot behind most video games is little more than a hammy excuse to justify the platform-hopping and bad-guy-pulverizing action to come. Super Mimosa World II is slightly different because the plot doesn’t involve a princess with a penchant for being kidnapped or an alien invasion that threatens to end humanity as we know it. No, the back story here is one cut from real life: Gertrude has been a long-time houseguest of Mimosa’s cat condo. Unfortunately, she’s now decided to take ownership of the cat condo herself. Drama.Being that cats love real estate and asserting their assumed right to claim possession of any sort of object that enters your house, it’s up to Mimosa to scale the cat condo and kick evil Gertrude out. Action will ensue.5. Add special effects  5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout For Mimosa’s inaugural video game appearance, I went with a classic appropriation of the Super Mario World video game. I turned it into a sequel to add some mystique, and used the lurid pink filter to attempt to catch the eye. Or hurt your retinas.I used another free app, Photolettering, to add some title text to the opening screen.2. Create a hero Tags:#cat#Catster#Video Game Gertrude attempts to rain fire and brimstone down from the heavens as Mimosa prepares to face off against her foe in an energetic climax….9. The battle  There is nothing wrong with a bit of gloating after an epic victory. Here I used the grey-scale filter to signal Gertrude’s demise.11. Congratulations!  The villain of this particularly story is Gertrude, a petulant owl who has links to the Martha Stewart corporate machine. Insert maniacal laugh.4. Invent a tenuous backstory 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Continued use of cat treats persuaded Mimosa to keep climbing the cat condo. You can see Gertrude starting to hide at the summit as Mimosa gets close. Different filters allow different levels of pixelated detail — such as, er, Mimosa’s poo-box in the background.8. End-of-level-boss alert!  12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

Age-Based Financial Planning Milestones

first_imgBy Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, [email protected] to medical standards of care (e.g., having a mammogram starting at age 40, a colonoscopy starting at age 50, and regular blood pressure and bone density tests), certain age-based milestones can tell people the key financial planning action steps that they need to take at different ages.The following financial activities often take place at various decades of a person’s life:20s and 30s– Early retirement savings, debt repayment (e.g., student loans), and household formation40s and 50s– Increased earnings, continued wealth accumulation, and launching of adult children60s– Peak earning years (if still employed), preparation for retirement, and retirement70s and Above– Life transitions (e.g., long-term care, widowhood, and death) and wealth distributionEspecially during later life, there are many age-related financial milestones. Examples include eligibility for catch-up contributions to tax-deferred retirement savings plans at age 50, eligibility for early (reduced) Social Security benefits at age 62, eligibility for Medicare at age 65, and required minimum distributions (RMDs) from tax-deferred retirement savings plans at age 70 ½. Like medical milestones, which are generally determined by research findings (e.g., clinical trial results), financial milestones are also grounded in facts, typically tax laws, legislation, and knowledge of the impact of compound interest.Although actual timing will vary from person to person (e.g., I completed a Ph.D. program in my 40s), below are some suggested financial milestones to achieve during each decade of adult life. Milestones achieved at an earlier age (e.g., a good credit score and an adequate emergency fund) should continue during subsequent years.Photospin/Ruslan KudrinAge 30Financial independence from parents (e.g., independent living arrangements and no “subsidies” to pay household expenses such as insurance premiums and cell phone bills)Student loan debt completely repaid or close to repayment (e.g., standard 10-year repayment plan)A year’s worth of salary (1x) saved for retirementA good credit history established with a credit score in the low- to mid-700s or higherRegular saving/investing and at least three to six months of income set aside for emergenciesEducational credentials earned or near completion (e.g., certifications and graduate/professional degrees)Have current estate planning documents and life insurance to protect dependents or co-signers, if applicablePhotospin/Ruslan KudrinAge 40Three times annual salary (3x) saved for retirement; saving at least 15% of gross incomeCollege savings established for children, if applicableIncreased investing expertise and diversification of investment portfolio assetsIncreased human capital (i.e., job skills and knowledge) to remain employable and earn promotions/raisesAge 50Photospin/MonkeyBusiness ImagesSix times annual salary (6x) saved for retirement; making catch-up retirement savings plan contributionsIncreased knowledge about the specifics of Social Security, Medicare, and employer retirement benefitsIncreased knowledge of aging parents’ finances and communication about caregiving-related issuesUse of financial advisers, as needed, as net worth increases and finances become more complexAge 60Eight times annual salary (8x) saved for retirementPhotospin/Scott Griessel/CreatistaPaid off mortgage, home equity loan, and credit card debt prior to retirementCatch-up retirement strategies used, if needed (e.g., downsizing, moving, working longer, and selling assets)Learning new skills and/or making other preparations to transition to a “second act” job or volunteer role To learn more about age-based financial planning milestones from age 0-10 through 90-100, read “Money Milestones for Each Decade” (Reuters).last_img read more

Upset Gopinath Munde to meet BJP leadership in Delhi

first_imgMunde will meet BJP leaders in Delhi to convey dissent at the appointment of Pune BJP President.Sulking Maharashtra BJP leader Gopinath Munde arrived in New Delhi on Saturday, saying he would present his “grievances” to the party leadership and hoping “justice” would be done.”I will put forth the feelings and grievances of party workers from Maharashtra before the Central leadership,” said Munde who will be meeting BJP President Nitin Gadkari and some other top leaders including L K Advani and Sushma Swaraj.”I hope justice will be done,” he said.Munde, a prominent OBC leader from Maharashtra, is said to be upset since his supporter Yogesh Gogawale was sidelined for the post of Pune BJP president and Gadkari loyalist Vikas Mathkari was appointed instead.Munde, BJP’s Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha, has been conveying his unhappiness by skipping some party meetings and other programmes in the state recently.- With PTI inputsFor more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

Swansea owners: ‘We’ve made mistakes. But it’s unfair to say we haven’t invested’

first_img Carlos Carvalhal talks to Renato Sanches. Photograph: Matt Bunn/BPI/REX/Shutterstock Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend Although Sam Clucas has started to flourish under Carvalhal, other summer signings have made little impact. Abraham’s goals against Notts County on Tuesday were an encouraging sign but Sanches has endured a tough time and Wilfried Bony, who always seemed like a gamble, is sidelined with a serious injury. Throw in the situation with Mesa and Borja, who arrived the previous year, and it feels as though Swansea need to shake up their approach to recruitment.“We’re evaluating how we improve our process and that may be bringing in additional people in roles that could help,” Levien says. “The key for us is how do we learn from the mistakes that we’ve made and get better. So adding additional resources to that is something we’re looking closely at.”Jenkins, who is heavily involved in transfers, has said he will consider his position at the end of the season. The chairman has come in for heavy criticism from a section of the supporters, yet Kaplan and Levien take an alternative view. “Huw works his tail off, he’s dedicated to the club, he’s loyal to everything going on in the organisation, so we want him with us,” adds Levien. “That being said, we want to continue to improve the [recruitment] process.”In all the doom and gloom, Carvalhal’s arrival has provided some light. Swansea go into Saturday’s home game against Burnley unbeaten in eight matches, out of the relegation zone and with a renewed sense of hope. “The thing that’s really come through to me since Carlos has been with us is that his passion for football surpasses virtually anyone I’ve been around,” Kaplan says. “He loves the game and that affects the entire club.” Swansea City Facebook Share on Messenger Reuse this content Swansea received only £35m for Gylfi Sigurdsson from Everton after paying Tottenham Hotspur a sell-on clause. Photograph: Nigel French/PA After going through some of the deals, it seems obvious that football in general – not just Swansea – would benefit from greater transparency on transfer fees. It turns out, for example, that Swansea received £35m for Gylfi Sigurdsson from Everton, after paying Tottenham Hotspur’s sell-on clause. Loans can also be misleading – Swansea were left with little change from £12m when it came to the cost (fees and wages) of borrowing Renato Sanches and Tammy Abraham.Although it is hard to argue with the balance sheet, there is no getting away from the fact that Swansea could have spent their money better. Too many transfers have not worked out, highlighted by Roque Mesa and Borja Baston, signed for a combined total of £27m, being loaned back to Spanish clubs after making 13 Premier League starts between them. Swansea cannot afford to get those transfers wrong.“We can’t just paper over mistakes with money, you’re right,” Kaplan says. “Roque has a lot of value in La Liga, he’s a proven player. He could play in the Premier League in the right system. But the way Carlos is lining us up, we need a level of athleticism in our midfield. Borja came in around the same date we came in – that obviously doesn’t look very good. Facebook Kaplan and Levien rarely give interviews and they are not stepping out of the shadows all of a sudden because Swansea are showing signs of life – this conversation was set up when the team were bottom of the table. One of their reasons for talking is a desire to clear up a few things in relation to finances, where Levien says that “the reality is far different to the perception” – with the perception being that the Americans have overseen a tidy profit on players.According to their figures, Swansea’s total expenditure on transfers (including loan and agent fees) since their takeover in the summer of 2016 is £114.3m. The income from player sales during that period, they say, stands at £89.9m. As for the wage bill, it has increased by £12.9m on player ins-and-outs alone. Kaplan and Levien go on to make the point that the club has been able to counterbalance part of that trading-deficit through increased commercial and Premier League revenue. Twitter Read more Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Topics Share on Facebook Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien are at the other end of a transatlantic line, extolling the impact of Carlos Carvalhal, acknowledging mistakes in the summer transfer window, dismissing concerns about asset-stripping, vowing to improve recruitment and singing the praises of Mike van der Hoorn, yet there is one point in particular that Swansea’s majority shareholders are keen to get across.“We can be criticised,” Kaplan says. “We’ve made some poor transfer decisions, no doubt. Nobody gets it right all the time. Our record has been mixed and this past summer wasn’t very good. That’s fair criticism. What’s unfair criticism is to say that we haven’t invested everything that the club has generated, and then some, to try to improve the team.” Twitter Pinterest interviews “On the other hand, to be fair to Huw [Jenkins, the chairman], he’s made some really good purchases. Alfie Mawson is a kid that our scouting group and Huw pounded the table on. We said: ‘We’re going to spend £5m on a player who’s played a total of four matches in the Championship?’ That seemed crazy. But there was a lot of conviction about Alfie and he’s worth a lot of money now.“And I want to be very clear, we have no intention of moving Alfie. This guy is a stalwart of our club. Mike van der Hoorn was also picked up for very little. He’s not fancy but that guy gets the job done and he’s not afraid to mix it up with anybody. We like that guy a lot. So you’ve got your positives and your negatives. That being said, it’s fair to say that the summer was very poor.”The Sigurdsson saga dominated that window, with Paul Clement, the manager at the time, critical of the time it took to agree a fee. Kaplan and Levien have no wish to get involved in a tit-for-tat with Clement, who was sacked in December, but they do cite mitigating circumstances when it comes to Sigurdsson, including Everton’s low initial offer and dealing with “multiple voices” at Goodison Park. As for the failure to sign a replacement, Kaplan and Levien say there were options but that Clement made it clear he wanted only Nacer Chadli. Swansea were not willing to meet West Brom’s £25m asking price for Chadli, and Kaplan and Levien maintain that was the right stance. Pinterest Share on WhatsApp Share on LinkedIn You’ve got your positives and your negatives. That being said, I think it’s fair to say that the summer was very poorSteve Kaplan Share via Emaillast_img read more