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The Ilica Q’Art project is returning Zagreb’s Ilica to its citizens

first_imgThe organizers of the event are the President of Creative and Cultural Industries Ivana Nikolić Popović and Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Aleksandar Battista Ilić, who point out that the goal must no longer be reckless growth and brutal exploitation of everything, but quality of life, progressive development and sustainable future for all. On the example of the Illo microlocation, through Community Art activities. RELATED NEWS: ILICA PROJECT: Q’ART AS AN EXCELLENT FESTIVAL OF CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRY BRINGS LIFE BACK TO THE CITY CENTER See more information about the whole project at www.projektilica.com On Sunday, for the first time, a large open-air flea market is being organized in Ilica from 11 a.m. to 15 p.m., and Ilica, Zagreb’s most famous street, will be closed to traffic from Medulićeva Street to Primorska, so Ilica is literally returning to the citizens. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the community in which we live, increase the quality of life through a sustainable, equitable future and emphasize the importance of upcycling and recycling. The Ilica Q’Art project is returning Zagreb’s Ilica to its citizens Projekt Ilica Q’ART održava se već treću godinu u samom središtu grada, u Ilici, oko Zagrepčanima omiljenog Britanca i u parku Akademije likovnih umjetnosti. In addition to flea markets, there will be a fashion show MODQ’ART, which aims to emphasize how unnecessary the accumulation of clothes is and to make people aware of the need to turn to recycling and upcycling. Umjetnost i kultura komunicira s najsloženijim ljudskim jezikom, a to je emocija. A upravo je to što nama treba, kroz emociju i doživljaj ponuditi kvalitetne sadržaje u turističkim destinacijama  –Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Aleksandar Battista Ilić Tako će Britanski trg postati velika pozornica na kojoj će uz DJ’e svoje pozicije zauzeti od petka do nedjelje i gastro bloggeri te pripremati kreativne mirisno okusne delicije. “We want to draw attention to the ever-growing consumerism as a negative trend and the need to preserve the environment and the community in which we live. But apart from the citizens, cafes, hairdressers, craftsmen also go to Ilica, and Nik Orosi, a barista, prepares a real small concert with the band”Conclude the organizers. The main theme and artistic concept of the project “SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, which includes all artistic, social and social tactics for responsible thinking of the future, justice, freedom, quality and dignity of life. All this respecting the community and nature, through artistic perception, preservation of humanity and justice towards nature. Accordingly, a responsible attitude towards urban resources and life. last_img read more