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Best of BRO: Exposed—The Skinny on Naked Running

first_imgOne of our most popular stories last year was this gem from BRO editor in chief Will Harlan about his first run sans clothes. Dare ya to try your own naked run in 2014…it’s part of our Ultimate 100 Challenge.They say 90 percent of life is just showing up, and that’s certainly true in running. Toeing the starting line is often the toughest part. For me, no starting line was scarier than the Fig Leaf 5K, a naked race at a north Georgia nudist colony.I had streaked across my college campus in a drunken blur, and I had once been dared to run a naked lap around a bar during a blizzard. But never before had I faced spectators and sobriety sans clothes.I waited until a few minutes before the start to disrobe. Instead of a race bib, my race number was written across my butt cheeks.Over 100 runners had gathered at the starting line. Many were top athletes from across the Blue Ridge. They seemed a lot less intimidating without their shorts.Still, I had plenty of reasons to feel self-conscious. How would I measure up? What if I was aroused by a beautiful female runner? Most of all, I was worried about the flop factor. How would my bait and tackle hold up to three miles of bouncing?It was a cold April morning in the mountains, and my twig and berries shriveled up as soon as I dropped my drawers. I joined the other nude runners at the start making jokes and milling around in the buff.“Weather’s a bit nipply this morning.”“Gonna run hard today?”“Nah…feeling a bit stiff.”At the starting line, it was hard to know where to look. Runners are always sizing up their competition, but this was nuts. I tried to stare ahead at the race course, but I felt like I was standing at a crowded row of urinals, trying not to glance.A crowd of stark-naked spectators—most of them from the nudist colony—gathered at the start. Cameras flashed as we took off. (I have no idea where those photos ended up.) For the first mile, I sagged back and dangled off the lead pack. Then around mile two, I made a hard sprint to the front.Freeballing had never felt so good. My junk jiggled and bounced, and my flabby bare skin rippled with savage delight. I felt primitive and raw. I was pure animal, unlocked from my self-conscious mind cage, running wild and free.I hung on through the final mile, though a heavy-breathing hardass approached me from behind in the final homestretch. I bared it all in a balls-out kick for the finish—and edged him by a hair.Afterward, I sat in the sun, soaking it all in. I had shed my inhibitions along with my clothes at the starting line. My mile splits and finishing time didn’t matter. It was the most fun I’d had running in a long time.Running au naturel exposed a naked truth: bodies are amazing—even the sagging, droopy parts. I vowed to spend more time in the buff, getting more comfortable in my own skin.No, the Fig Leaf 5K didn’t turn me into a nudist. I still wear shorts on my morning runs.But at least I’ve taken off my watch.last_img read more

Students and experts discuss presidential politics

first_imgNo matter who wins next November, we’re not going to elect the first African-American president. Given the depth of our current recession, the election is going to be important for a very different reason. There hasn’t been a president since [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan who’s faced such immense economic challenges. Whoever wins the election will have to lead the [United States] and the world as we shift from a mostly industrial to a technological society. The last time the U.S. economy underwent such a dramatic transition is when we went from an agriculturally-based economy to an industrial one.– Dan Schnur, Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of PoliticsI’m trying to pay really close attention so I can be well-informed next November. I feel like at the moment it’s too early to take any of the candidates seriously … within the next few months the serious candidates will come out of the woodwork, I think we’ll get to hear from [Mitt] Romney who I think is Obama’s only serious competition, but it should be an interesting scenario.– Miguel Contreras, senior majoring in civil engineeringObama is still well liked but the Republicans have a good shot because of this economy. They just have to get the right candidate to run against him.– Jack Ostler, senior majoring in geology and economicsI’d like to see more of a commitment to educational support, whether it’s Pell grants or libraries. Some of the top schools, like Princeton, have enacted a no-loans policy … I’d like to see more policies that enforce that. If they’re going to do some trading of favors, I’d like to see it go toward education rather than some of the other things they spend taxpayer money on.– Adam Sexton, Library manager at Doheny Memorial LibraryI don’t feel very good about the elections. The only person I’ve actually heard a bit about is Cain, and between the ridiculous ‘blame yourself’ quotes and sexual harassment allegations, he doesn’t seem very appealing. I guess it’s going to be four more years for Obama, and I’m alright with that.– Aruna Uppal, graduate student studying educationWhat Obama is trying to do is put out a house fire with a squirt gun. Give the man some resources.– Spencer Di Dio, senior majoring in economicsThe biggest problem I see is the lack of bipartisan cooperation … within the Republican primary it’s going to be Romney in the front row; everyone else seems to be self-destructive. … It depends what happens in the Congressional and Senate elections. Obama has begun to alienate some of his core supporters by moving toward the center. Clinton was able to do that, Obama not so much.– Stanley Rosen, professor of political scienceI’d like to see a reform on border policy — that’s been delegated a lot at the state level but it’s a national threat. I’ve lost my faith in Obama at the beginning of his term, but at certain points there were events which have regained my faith in him.  … I think he’s the best qualified candidate we have right now.– Mayir Adato, senior majoring in business administrationI just don’t think any of [the candidates] is strong enough. Even Obama is not strong enough, but neither is the alternative. Obama has a stronger financial base. Right now Republican nominees appear to me very weak … but, you know, Obama is really unpopular now. His approval rating is about as low as any president’s has ever been.– Victoria Xie, senior majoring in history and economicslast_img read more