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Douglas Adams celebrated in animated Google Doodle

first_imgThere are few geeks out there that won’t recognize the name Douglas Adams. Although he left this world far too early at the age of 49, he did manage to create the very popular trilogy of five books that ended up being The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.Today would have been Adams’ 61st birthday if it wasn’t for a heart attack back in May 2001. The Doodle Google has created aims to celebrate his work, and there are many both open and hidden references to his creations within it.Behind the lift door you’ll find Marvin the paranoid android, a character from Hitchhiker’s. The towel is Adams’ essential item for space travel, the cup of tea a reference to the Dirk Gently detective novels, or is it related to the Infinite Improbability Drive? Google has also apparently localized the “Don’t Panic” on the display so you should see it in the language of whatever country you’re browsing from.Although the scene is interactive, you’ll want to focus most of your efforts clicking the keys on the keypad. There lies images and animations representing Adams’ work. Such things as the Babel Fish, Earth’s entry in the guide listed as “Mostly Harmless,” the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, 42 being the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, and Man being the third most intelligent creature on Earth behind dolphins and mice.As usual, the Doodle will be available on the Google homepage for today only, after which time, it will be forever archived as part of the growing Doodles archive.last_img read more