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“IS IT TRUE” MAY 24, 2019

first_imgIS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased to hear that the new owners of Ellis Park will be  Laguna Development Corporation from Albuquerque, New Mexico? …they have a solid management team in place and has the financial strength that should guarantee a stable and profitable long term business strategy for Ellis Park? IS IT TRUE that the  Board of Directors of the Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau abruptly voted yesterday afternoon to discontinue Hydroplane Racing at Evansville HydroFest? …the race Director did not attend this meeting nor was he involved in the decision to cancel the race? …we wonder why the Evansville Sports Corporation officials didn’t assist the Hydroplane Racing at Evansville HydroFest in securing additional sponsors?IS IT TRUE that the last minute cancelation of the Hydroplane Racing at Evansville HydroFest is an embarrassment to the  Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau?Todays “Readers’ Poll” question is: Are you disappointed that the Hydroplane Racing at Evansville HydroFest was abruptly canceled?Please go to our link of our media partner Channel 44 News located in the upper right-hand corner of the City-County Observer so you can get the up-to-date news, weather, and sports.   We also are pleased to provide obituaries from several area funeral homes at no costs.  Over the next several weeks we shall be adding additional obituaries from other local funeral homes. IS IT TRUE we have been told that Mr. Trockman’s opponent, Timothy O’Brien has had similar political fundraisers?  …when we received information about his fundraising events we will also post them?IS IT TRUE it looks like the 1st Ward City Council race is turning out to be one heck of a political barnburner?IS IT TRUE many patrons of Ellis Park have been extremely disappointed that Saratoga Gaming Of New York didn’t update the exterior or interior decor of the aging “Grandstand Complex” building?  …during the last several days we have been observing a lot of cleaning, repairing, remodeling and painting activity at the “Grandstand Complex”?  …if you will go to Ellis Park Facebook account you shall see some impressive renderings of what the new owners of Ellis Park are planning to do with the “Grandstand Complex ” building in the very near future?IS IT TRUE the patrons of Ellis Park are extremely disappointed that Saratoga Gaming of New York hasn’t spent the money to professionally pave and stripe the parking lot, install additional exterior security lighting, update the information and directional signage, install a first-class exterior digital on-premise sign located next to the highway and most importantly replaced some of the out-dated Historial slot machines?  …we been told that the new owners of Ellis Park shall be addressing these issues in the very near future? We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer has been doing well in the first half of 2019?…that we have increased our page views and unique site visitors by 65%?…that we are excited about providing local news to an increased readership while providing more value to our advertisers?…the recent changes we have made to our paper have kept readers on our site 20% longer?…despite the impressive increase in site traffic, we have decided to keep our same low rates for advertisers, choosing to pass on the increased value?  …that you can advertise with the CCO by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by reaching out to our Editor directly at [email protected]?IS IT TRUE that Republicans Steve Schaefer, Hobart Scales, Alfonso Vidal, Ryan Schulz, and Steve Hammer started a political PAC called “Evansville’s Future?” …this political PAC’s main focus is to help Republican City Council candidates in the upcoming November 2019 general election? …this event is planned for August 9, 2019?  …that Governor Eric Holcomb, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, and U.S. Senator Mike Braun are expected to attend this big ticket  “Fundraising Gala?”  …the goal of the “Evansville Future”  is to raise over $100,000?IS IT TRUE we’ve been informed that City Council First Ward candidate Ben Trockman (D) recently held a political fundraising event at KC’s Marina Point?  …that we’ve been told that this event had 16 hosts and 10 co-hosts?  …the hosts, co-hosts, and others in attendance were CEO of major corporations to small business owners, elected officials, millennials, Republicans and Democrats alike?IS IT TRUE that all eyes are focused on today’s meeting of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party Central Committee?  …we would like to be a mouse in the corner during the meeting? 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