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Performers are using their craft as a vehicle for activism

first_imgBelly dancing and fire spinningRaks Geek, a Chicago-based organization started by musician Dawn Xiana Moon that features belly dancing and fire spinners, has held several fundraising events for organizations that support a wide range of different groups and causes, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants. When deciding on which cause to hold a fundraiser for next, Moon says they try to uplift smaller, local organizations where the money would be more useful. Depending on the event, all or part of the money goes toward the cause. The events always feature people from underrepresented groups.“We’re usually trying to find groups that are not super big, with some exceptions,” said Moon in an interview with Prism. “Our resources are not huge so we want to make the best impact that we possibly can … A few thousand dollars to a very small organization can actually make a difference.”- Advertisement – Last year, Raks Geek held a fundraiser for RAICES, an organization that serves migrants and families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. The issue of immigration is personal for Moon, who is an immigrant from Singapore. Moon was initially apprehensive about using her art for explicitly political purposes, but it didn’t stop her from speaking up about her beliefs.“I’m an Asian American woman and I’m an immigrant, [so] my very existence is political,” she said. “Instead of running away from the fact that it’s political, I might as well embrace it and use what platform I have.”Moon also uses her music to spread hope and plans to continue to utilize her talents to spread positivity, regardless of the outcome of the election.- Advertisement – Drag has been used as a form of activism for decades, from the Stonewall riots to the more recent protests against Facebook’s “real name” policy.“Drag is a really powerful tool and art form,” said Monono. “People love seeing drag and people get happy when they see it and respond so favorably. I’ve noticed that when I’m out in drag, it’s so much easier to get people to have a conversation.”Burlesque and strippingThe topic of women’s health has been at the forefront of the national consciousness in the wake of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. However, long before Coney Barrett’s confirmation took place and discussions about overturning Roe v. Wade took off, there were ongoing efforts by people in the burlesque community to widen access to women’s health services.Earlier this year, the Houston, Texas-based Dem Damn Dames Burlesque held their sixth annual fundraiser for Planned Parenthood with a goal of raising $10,000. At the event, they had burlesque performances, raffles, prizes, and on-site voter registration.Other adult entertainers looking to make an impact have gotten creative in their approach. In September, a group of Atlanta-based exotic dancers posted the viral PSA video titled “Get Your Booty to the Poll,” which featured several women dancing while dressed in red, white, and blue lingerie. In the video, the dancers encourage people to register to vote while talking about the issues on the ballot that can directly affect peoples’ lives.“This video really started with the death of George Floyd in May and us feeling like there was a better way to voice a need for change than just walking around with signs for a few days,” one of the dancers in the PSA told Fox 5 Atlanta. “We wanted to do something different and get people, especially men, to vote.”The dancers also directed people to their website, which provides voter registration information and additional resources.Hip-hopHip Hop for Change, a Bay Area-based hip-hop education organization, recently did a campaign with Breathe for Justice to promote a rap contest. The organization collaborated with When We All Vote, Sierra Club, and to increase turnout for the contest, which was aimed at mobilizing and energizing young voters around election-related issues. “The Hip Hop community has always been passionate about political issues and remains involved in the fight for voter’s rights and access to the polls,” said Eric Sasz, the event director of Hip Hop for Change, in an emailed statement to Prism. “Being the voice of our culture, political organizations reach out to us to amplify our voices and mobilize the masses.”Through the contest, organizers invited participants to submit a short rap, song, poem, or spoken word piece to discuss how they’ve been impacted by COVID-19, social injustice, climate change, or environmental racism.“The socio-economic issues of environmental racism, police violence, climate change, and COVID-19 are the most important issues for the Hip Hop community today,” said Sasz. “These issues are at first on the minds of our community members walking into the voting booths, so it’s important as a cultural leader in our community that Hip Hop For Change furthers the dialogue.”It’s not the first time the organization has been part of a collaboration on this level. The group has previously partnered with the East Bay Regional Park District, Kaiser Permanente, and other groups and institutions to raise awareness around issues ranging from COVID-19 testing to increasing diversity.“We are tapped all the time by organizations looking to utilize the power of Hip Hop to organize, mobilize, and educate,” Sasz said. Art and performance always has been a way to connect with unique audiences and prompt discussions about world events. Several artists told Prism they’re keeping a close eye on the election and are already brainstorming about which causes they’ll be promoting next. The decision, they said, will heavily depend on which president takes office in January.(Editor’s note: Prism Senior Editor Michi Trota is a performer with Raks Geek.)Carolyn Copeland is a copy editor and staff reporter for Prism. She covers racial justice and culture. Follow her on Twitter @Carolyn_Copes.Prism is a BIPOC-led nonprofit news outlet that centers the people, places and issues currently underreported by our national media. Through our original reporting, analysis, and commentary, we challenge dominant, toxic narratives perpetuated by the mainstream press and work to build a full and accurate record of what’s happening in our democracy. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. – Advertisement – “If we give up hope and we stop fighting, that is not a good long-term strategy and just not a very good way to live,” she said. “I very much believe in going down fighting, even if you know you might not necessarily see the outcome of the thing that you’re working towards.”DragThe drag community has also been active in this area. Drag Out the Vote uses drag to educate and engage potential voters. They register voters at drag events and advocate for increasing voter access. With the pandemic limiting in-person outreach, drag kings and queens have also utilized phone text banking, touchless voter registration, and online performances.“I think Drag Out the Vote is so exciting because with RuPaul’s Drag Race being so popular and other drag so popular, there’s an excitement—especially among young voters—around drag,” said Kylie Monono, an ambassador for Drag Out the Vote, in an interview with Prism. “[We] utilize that excitement and encourage people to not only register, but to actually get out and vote and make a plan on how they’re going to vote.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Breaking Travel News interview: Gaurav Bhatnagar, co-founder, TBO Group | Focus

first_imgGaurav Bhatnagar: It is a great feeling. We value these awards a lot since these are decided by popular vote. For us, customer service is a core value and winning these awards is a benchmark against which we can measure how well we are doing!- Advertisement – Breaking Travel News interview: Gaurav Bhatnagar, co-founder, TBO GroupHaving been recognised by voters at the World Travel Awards in a number of categories, Breaking Travel News here chats with Gaurav Bhatnagar, co-founder of TBO Group, to find out more about the industry leading companyBreaking Travel News: Congratulations – TBO Holidays has been honoured with the trophies for Middle East’s Leading B2B Travel Portal and South America’s Leading B2B Travel Provider at the World Travel Awards. How does it feel to have won?- Advertisement – NewerBreaking Travel News interview: Glenn Mandziuk, chief executive, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Region TBO is rapidly expanding into new geographies and new lines of businesses. These awards serve as our credentials whenever we have to introduce ourselves in a new market. BTN: This has been a challenging year across the hospitality sector – how has the diversified operation of TBO Holidays allowed it to overcome the impact of Covid-19?GB: The Covid-19 crisis has obviously been very challenging for us. However, we have worked hard on converting this difficulty into an opportunity. We are strong in selling both air and hotel product. Air business has recovered a bit faster. Hotels as well have seen pockets of recovery. Since we operate across the globe, we have benefited as some countries have started to open their lockdowns.We also used this time to invest into new businesses. ZamZam is our new joint venture focused on servicing the global Umrah travel market. We are one of the few authorised online travel agencies who can issue Umrah visas online.We also launched PAXES, which is a corporate self-booking tool. We are distributing this tool exclusively thru resellers in various markets across the world. As corporate travel slowly comes back, saving cost and reducing operations overhead will be critical. PAXES will play a big role there.BTN: What do we have to look forward to from the company next year as the recovery continues?GB: Plenty of action planned for next year! We have very steep internal goals to pace our recovery at a much faster rate than the overall market recovery.So we are looking to gain market share – both organically as well as inorganically.Apart from that, ZamZam and PAXES will scale up and you will see a lot more of those products next year.Finally, we wish the entire travel industry a speedy recovery from this crisis!More InformationTBO Holidays is a business-to-business travel portal that allows travel agents to book over 700,000 hotels worldwide in real time. Backed by cutting edge technology and superior customer support, the company is a one-stop-shop for all holiday booking requirements.Find out more on the official website. BTN: How useful are the World Travel Awards when it comes to promoting TBO Holidays around the world?GB: The World Travel Awards logos and trophies are well recognised in our industry. These are like the Oscars of the travel industry. – Advertisement – OlderBTN interview: Gloria Gallardo, president, Guayaquil Public and Municipal Company of Tourism – Advertisement –last_img read more

People Are Choosing Kidney Dialysis at H

first_imgCome January, there may be many more people like Mary Prochaska.Ms. Prochaska, 73, a retired social worker in Chapel Hill, N.C., has advanced chronic kidney disease and relies on dialysis to filter waste from her blood while she awaits a kidney transplant, her second. But she no longer visits a dialysis center three times a week, the standard treatment. There, nurses and technicians monitored her for four hours while a machine cleansed her blood.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – So far, her only unpleasant side effect is fatigue, sometimes requiring afternoon rests. A company called TruBlu Logistics delivers the cases of solution, tubes and other supplies, and Medicare covers the costs, which are considerably lower than for in-center dialysis.In 2017, according to the United States Renal Data System, 14.5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries had chronic kidney disease, rising sharply with age from 10.5 percent of people 65 to 74 to almost a quarter of those over 85. Nearly half of dialysis patients were older than 65.For decades, health advocates and many nephrologists have encouraged more patients to consider home dialysis. But that year, of 124,500 patients with newly diagnosed advanced kidney disease (also called end-stage renal disease), only 10 percent began peritoneal dialysis like Ms. Prochaska did.- Advertisement – Another 2 percent turned to at-home hemodialysis, removing wastes with machines adapted from those used in centers.Everyone else starting dialysis went to a dialysis center, probably owned by one of the two corporations that dominate the industry, DaVita or Fresenius. The first couple of months were difficult, Mr. Moreira said, as he learned the manual technique, dialyzing four times a day. Then, like Ms. Prochaska, he graduated to a cycler machine and now exchanges fluids overnight. It’s simpler, he said, and suits his active life; he walks and mountain bikes and serves as a pastor.“I have more time for myself, my family, my business,” he said. “I have more strength. I sleep very well. I feel good.”[Like the Science Times page on Facebook. | Sign up for the Science Times newsletter.] Instead, she has opted for dialysis at home. “It’s easier on your body and better for your health,” she said. “And far better than exposing yourself to whatever you might get from being in a group of people” at a center during a pandemic.With her husband’s help, Ms. Prochaska performs peritoneal dialysis; after a surgeon implanted a tube in her side, her abdominal lining acts as the filter. After getting training for a couple of weeks, she began using a home machine called a cycler to remove excess fluid and impurities.“It automatically does the pumping in and pumping out, five times a night, while you sleep,” she said. “When you get up, you’re done. It’s like having a normal life.” This fall, however, Medicare announced a mandatory program intended to transform that system, covering about 30 percent of beneficiaries with advanced chronic kidney disease, close to 400,000 people. Starting Jan. 1, it will use payment bonuses — and later, penalties — to try to increase the proportion of patients using home dialysis and receiving transplants.Even experts with no love for the outgoing administration have called this approach the biggest change for kidney patients since 1972, when Richard M. Nixon signed legislation providing Medicare coverage for those in kidney failure, regardless of age.“This is bold,” said Richard Knight, a transplant recipient and president of the American Association of Kidney Patients. “There are a lot of incentives for providers to do things they have not traditionally done.”“I think it’s going to have a really profound impact on kidney care,” said Dr. Abhijit Kshirsagar, a nephrologist and the director of the dialysis program at the University of North Carolina.Studies have found that home dialysis patients report a greater sense of independence and autonomy, with more flexible schedules that make it easier to work or travel. They experience better quality of life. So why do so few choose it? Moreover, not all older kidney patients can or want to dialyze at home. “They may have some degree of cognitive impairment” or be too frail to lift bags of solution, said Dr. Gerald Hladik, chief of nephrology at the University of North Carolina. They need room to store supplies and a clean, private dialysis space.Even with ample discussion and education, it’s unclear what proportion might eventually choose home dialysis. Perhaps 25 to 50 percent, Dr. Watnick suggested — “but we don’t know.”Although the new Medicare model excludes nursing home residents and people with dementia, the choice will otherwise rest with patients. Especially during a pandemic, “we’re in favor of patients having the choice to go home,” Mr. Knight said. “But not in favor of pushing people to go home.”Some older people with multiple illnesses may decide to forgo dialysis altogether. Wherever performed, it’s physically and psychologically onerous, and survival decreases at older ages.Dr. Hladik’s 75-year-old father, for instance, wanted to spend his remaining days at home with his dog or at the beach. He chose conservative management to control his symptoms and lived comfortably for a year and a half without dialysis.But home dialysis has worked well for Jorge Moreira, 65, a bookkeeper in Burien, Was. As his kidney disease advanced four years ago, he began dialysis at a Northwest Kidney Centers’ clinic.He found it arduous to arrive at 5:30 a.m. three days a week so that he could finish by 9:30 and go to his office, and he suffered painful leg cramps. A technician suggested he look into peritoneal dialysis; his doctors agreed. Some patients begin dialysis when a health crisis sends them to an emergency room. With scant time to explore the decision or undergo the necessary training to dialyze at home, they wind up at centers. But many don’t seem to know they have alternatives. In a 2016 study, almost half the patients receiving in-center hemodialysis said it had not been their choice.“There are patients who don’t know they could do dialysis at home,” said Dr. Suzanne Watnick, chief medical officer of Northwest Kidney Centers in Seattle. “To me, that’s a travesty. Patients who’ve gotten education about the different modalities have a markedly higher rate of participation in home dialysis.”But the training that physicians receive may not emphasize that option. Moreover, once patients grow accustomed to a center, “where everything is done for you, you’re not likely to take on the responsibility of doing it at home,” Mr. Knight said. Home dialysis can seem daunting or frightening, and neither medical practices nor for-profit centers have had much motivation, at least financially, to promote it.Thirty percent of them soon will. Medicare will increase its monthly payments for each patient that receives home dialysis, starting at 3 percent the first year, decreasing thereafter. Practices and dialysis clinics will also have their reimbursements adjusted up or down depending on their total rates of home dialysis and transplantation.Several new voluntary programs will boost incentives, too. Starting in April, Medicare will pay providers a $15,000 bonus, over three years, when a patient receives a successful kidney transplant. Another measure provides greater support for living kidney donors.Whether such incentives will substantially increase home dialysis and transplants remains an open question.Some providers, noting that the penalties could outweigh the bonuses, aren’t pleased to fall into the 30 percent of covered practices or centers, randomly assigned by ZIP code. “The average nephrologist is going to have a pay cut,” Dr. Watnick said. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Google One: Photos Features, Storage Plans, VPN Service, and Everything Else You Need to Know

first_img10TB In India, Google One membership plans are priced at Rs. 130 per month (Rs. 1,300 for a year) for 100GB storage, Rs. 210 per month (Rs. 2,100 for a year) for 200GB storage, Rs. 650 per month (Rs. 6,500 for a year) for 2TB of storage, Rs. 3,250 per month for 10TB of storage, Rs. 6,500 per month for 20TB of storage, and Rs. 9,750 per month for 30TB of storage. The Google One app offers comprehensive breakup of your storage, and the amount of space used. Users get 15GB of free data, after which they will need to buy a Google One subscription to continue saving data to the cloud.In the US, Google One membership is priced at $1.99 per month ($19.99 per year) for 100GB storage, $2.99 per month ($29.99 for the year) for 200GB, $9.99 per month ($99.99 yearly) for 2TB, $99.99 per month for 10TB, and $199.99 per month for 20TB, and $299.99 for 30TB of storage. Storage Tier $2.99 per month$29.99 per year – Advertisement – India Price $199.99 per month $9.99 per month$99.99 per year 30TB $99.99 per month Rs. 130 per monthRs. 1,00 per year $1.99 per month$19.99 per year 100GB 2TB Rs. 650 per monthRs. 6,500 per year $299.99 per month Rs. 210 per monthRs. 2,100 per year Rs. 9,750 per month Google One membership key featuresGoogle One is a paid membership plan that offers users expanded storage benefits – which covers Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. It also offers the ability to automatically back up your phone for ease in switching handsets, and helps in getting with experts easily for better complaint redressal. It also offers access to Google Store rewards and Google Play credits. Users can share their Google One plan with up to five family members and get extended free trials on services like YouTube Premium.Google Photos unlimited storage ending 2021Recently, Google announced that it is ending free unlimited storage benefit in Google Photos and will start charging for the storage space your photos and videos take over the 15GB quota. The new change will come into effect on June 1, 2021. This move is aimed to help convince more people to get a paid Google One subscription.The company mentions that any photos or videos you’ve uploaded in ‘high quality’ (not original quality) before June 1 will not count against the 15GB cap. Thus, the change will be effective for uploads taking place after June 1. Furthermore, old Pixel phone users will be exempted from the latest change and will continue to be able to upload their photos and videos in ‘high quality’ from their devices even after June 1. But unlike before, they will also not be able to access unlimited storage for their content in its original file size. Future Pixel phones have been confirmed to not offer unlimited storage benefit.Google One to offer paid editing tools in Google PhotosGoogle is also reportedly adding several paid editing tools in Photos for Google One paid subscribers exclusively. For instance, it is offering a paid colour pop feature to Google One members whereing they can apply the filter on any photo – even without depth information. Currently, the feature is available for free only for photos with depth information.VPN Service for Premium Google One subscribersLast month, Google also introduced a VPN service for specific Google One subscribers. The VPN by Google One is only available on 2TB and higher plans. A virtual private network (VPN) is designed for secure Internet usage and is used by individuals to access barred sites. With its VPN app, Google adds secure encryptions on a phone’s online traffic, no matter what app or browser the user may be using. The service has launched for Android users in the US initially, but it plans to expand to more countries and to iOS, Windows, and macOS in the coming months.Is Android One holding back Nokia smartphones in India? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. Google One is a paid subscription storage model offered by Google, and with unlimited free storage on Google Photos now announced to be coming to an end, it’s something that people are going to have to explore more. It was launched in 2018 in the US first, and was later brought to many other countries, including India. Google One is essentially the tech giant’s counter to Apple’s iCloud and it offers features like additional storage, family sharing, and much more. Google has also introduced new features for premium Google One members recently, including a VPN service for Android users in the US.Here’s a guide on what Google One offers, all the new features that have been introduced, and everything else that you need to know about it.Google One storage plans price in India, US- Advertisement – Rs. 6,500 per month Rs. 3,250 per month 20TB 200GB US Price – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Several bird species died in China’s avian flu outbreak

first_imgMay 25, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Some 519 birds of at least five migratory species have died in the H5N1 avian influenza outbreak in China’s Qinghai province, according to data the Chinese government provided the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).The May 21 report, available on the OIE Web site, indicates a broader outbreak than has been described in media reports, which have attributed only the deaths of 178 bar-headed geese to H5N1. Other affected bird species are the great black-headed gull, the brown-headed gull, the ruddy shelduck, and the great cormorant.The report was made by Jia Youling, director general of the veterinary bureau of the Agriculture Ministry in Beijing. It charts a timeline for the outbreak, which was first discovered May 4. Jia estimated the date of primary infection as Apr 15 and described the large saltwater lake where the dead birds were found as “an important rendezvous of migratory birds on one of their Asia-Europe routes.”Clinical and laboratory diagnoses were used to confirm H5N1 as the culprit, the report said. Lab tests were conducted May 18 at the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory.Chinese authorities struck a confident note this week despite having declared earlier that the deaths were not related to avian flu.Chinese officials have told the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that “the situation is under control,” according to Noureddin Mona, an FAO representative in Beijing, in a report from Kyodo News.”What is most important is that there has been no report of human infection so far, and that it is only confined to wild birds” and has not involved poultry, Mona said.A report today by China’s Xinhua news service said the province is well on the path to finishing vaccinations for an estimated 3 million domestic poultry, according to Dang Chenyan, director of the provincial animal epidemic prevention headquarters.”We have surveyed more than 2 million fowls in the whole province, and didn’t detect any contagion (with H5N1) among them,” Dang said.However, the story does not say whether blood tests were conducted or what method was used to rule out H5N1 infection. In addition, there is no mention of testing among humans, pigs, or other animals also known to contract the virus.last_img read more

Budi Foodie and Coca-Cola HBC Croatia raised funds for education and professional development of young talents in gastronomy

first_imgOrganized by Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and the Budi Foodie Foundation, a humanitarian brunch was held in the Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik, raising funds for the education and professional development of young talents in gastronomy. The Budi Foodie Foundation was founded by Rudolf Štefan, owner and head chef of Pelegrini, a leading Croatian restaurant for years, and recently the holder of a Michelin star, to enable the education and training of young talents in gastronomy and catering. The Foundation provides financial support to talents aged 16 to 26 for training and professional development in the world’s best restaurants and academies, which will contribute to the further development and raising the quality of the Croatian catering offer.  “Budi Foodie wants to enable the creation of new generations of top catering professionals. We want to build a positive attitude among young people about gastronomy and hospitality and show them that it is an excellent career choice that allows a dynamic work environment, creative expression, continuous learning and exchange of knowledge and experiences with colleagues from abroad.”, Pointed out Stefan. Marendin in the Pelegrini restaurant started with hard and soft-boiled eggs and prosciutto, followed by a rich sequence of fish dishes – oysters, mussels with leeks and bacon, marinated sardines with vegetables, fish marinade with beans and mussel tart. After that, soup with boiled (boiled) meat, cod on broth, cuttlefish stew, jota, chicken and paprika were served. The marendin is finished with puff pastry and cream  of figs and sweet almonds and lemon. September 20.09.2018, XNUMX, SibenikHumanitarian brunch with the Budi Foodie Foundation at the Pelegrin restaurantPhoto: Hrvoje Jelavic / PIXSELLBartender Roman Rabik welcomed Jutrinna in Pelegrini (Cointreau liqueur, coffee and carrot liqueur, sparkling wine), a cocktail inspired by the cult Bellini, and with dessert he perfectly combined gin The Botanist, enhanced with Lika goat cheese  Schweppes Citrus Tonic, lemon juice, plum bitter and Hvar carob foam in the Goat on the rocks cocktail.Socially responsible business of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia Coca-Cola HBC Croatia generates a significant part of its revenue in the hospitality and tourism industry, which is why it constantly helps their development. At the same time, in its socially responsible projects, it focuses, among other things, on young people and the development of their skills and talents in order to increase the employability of young people and help them build successful careers.”Cooperation with the Budi Foodie Foundation is a logical step for us because it unites our efforts to contribute to the development of Croatian tourism and help young people in their professional development. The lack of an educated workforce is one of the great threats to the further development of the tourism and hospitality sector, so with this cooperation we want to contribute to solving this problem. Coca-Cola HBC Croatia has a rich and wide knowledge of the catering channel and the most modern world trends and we are happy to share it with our customers and other interested stakeholders, and we will be additionally involved in this area. We are preparing projects that will put our potentials, rich and broad knowledge in the service of better education of young people for their benefit, but also for the benefit of employers in tourism and hospitality.”, Announced Ruža Tomić Fontana, General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.last_img read more

The cooperation of Istrian tourist boards will yield various contents this season

first_imgRegarding these products, in 2018, 11 events were realized, including “Istrian Riviera”, “Perin Memorial ITF 18”, “Maistra Cup TE 14”, cycling race “Istrian Spring” and the race “Lim Bay Challenge” in which over 3 people participated. The offer will be primarily based on five main destination products. “With the cooperation of the tourist boards of Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvincenat and Kanfanar and Maistra, significant synergy effects have been achieved and a chain of destination values ​​has been created in which all providers of tourist services in the destination find their role and place. These are programs that deal with five segments – “Bike”, “Outdoor”, “Football”, “Tennis” and “Gourmet”, in which the brand is not defined, but standards and criteria and quality of offer are defined”, Said Sanda Bravar, destination project manager of the hotel company Maistra for Glas Istre. The tourist boards that joined forces last year recorded a total of 331.582 arrivals and 1.371.440 overnight stays, a 29 percent increase in arrivals and a 31 percent increase in overnight stays compared to 2017. The 4th edition of the “Istria Gourmet Festival” should also be mentioned, which brought together great experts, lecturers and chefs with as many as 39 Michelin stars. Also, tourists were guided on a walk through Vrsar by Casanova, with the witch Mare they returned to the Middle Ages, and in Morosini-Grimani castle they could discover whether they possessed seven knightly virtues. “When it comes to MTB trails, there are 11 and stretch for 300 kilometers, so today you can ride a bike in Vrsar and reach Savičenta on a well-maintained trail equipped with info boards, signalization, accompanying maps… As for road trails, there are 15 in length 1.021 kilometer, or nine so-called, family in the length of 95 kilometers. On the other hand, “Bike & Outdoor” offers trail and trekking trails and three climbing areas – Zlatni rt, Limski kanal, Dvigrad”, Added Locksmith. Ocean Lava Triathlon / Facebook: Ocean Lava Vrsar-Croatia Istria Gourmet Festival / Web: Istria County Tourist Board In addition to the “Istria Gourmet Festival”, two more gourmet events will be held this year – “Roads of Rovinj delicacies”, in two editions (spring and autumn) in which twelve restaurants offer dishes with seasonal ingredients at promotional prices, and “Tradizione a tavola: vecie ricette del mare ”, which will prepare old traditional dishes, but interpreted in a new, modern way. The joint budget is three million kuna for these tourist products, and each community has provided its own budget needed for production, promotion, destination planning and the like. Directors of tourist boards agree that these projects will extend the season, but also the interest in the destination. The main tourist offer of Istrian destinations for the pre- and post-season was presented in the Istrian Bale. The presentation was held at the Meneghetti Wine Hotel where the leaders of the tourist boards of Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvincenat and Kanfanar announced their destination tourist products, events and experiences with which they will try to continue the expansion of tourist arrivals and overnight stays and extend their stay and increase consumption. before and after seasons, transfers Tportal. Accordingly, tourist boards and Maistra will introduce new tourism products and events this year. One of the key is the outdoor event “Ocean Lava Triathlon” which will be held in October in Vrsar, and whose total of sixteen races are held in fourteen European countries. Vrsar thus becomes the only Croatian city that will host this race.last_img read more

The Ilica Q’Art project is returning Zagreb’s Ilica to its citizens

first_imgThe organizers of the event are the President of Creative and Cultural Industries Ivana Nikolić Popović and Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Aleksandar Battista Ilić, who point out that the goal must no longer be reckless growth and brutal exploitation of everything, but quality of life, progressive development and sustainable future for all. On the example of the Illo microlocation, through Community Art activities. RELATED NEWS: ILICA PROJECT: Q’ART AS AN EXCELLENT FESTIVAL OF CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRY BRINGS LIFE BACK TO THE CITY CENTER See more information about the whole project at On Sunday, for the first time, a large open-air flea market is being organized in Ilica from 11 a.m. to 15 p.m., and Ilica, Zagreb’s most famous street, will be closed to traffic from Medulićeva Street to Primorska, so Ilica is literally returning to the citizens. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the community in which we live, increase the quality of life through a sustainable, equitable future and emphasize the importance of upcycling and recycling. The Ilica Q’Art project is returning Zagreb’s Ilica to its citizens Projekt Ilica Q’ART održava se već treću godinu u samom središtu grada, u Ilici, oko Zagrepčanima omiljenog Britanca i u parku Akademije likovnih umjetnosti. In addition to flea markets, there will be a fashion show MODQ’ART, which aims to emphasize how unnecessary the accumulation of clothes is and to make people aware of the need to turn to recycling and upcycling. Umjetnost i kultura komunicira s najsloženijim ljudskim jezikom, a to je emocija. A upravo je to što nama treba, kroz emociju i doživljaj ponuditi kvalitetne sadržaje u turističkim destinacijama  –Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Aleksandar Battista Ilić Tako će Britanski trg postati velika pozornica na kojoj će uz DJ’e svoje pozicije zauzeti od petka do nedjelje i gastro bloggeri te pripremati kreativne mirisno okusne delicije. “We want to draw attention to the ever-growing consumerism as a negative trend and the need to preserve the environment and the community in which we live. But apart from the citizens, cafes, hairdressers, craftsmen also go to Ilica, and Nik Orosi, a barista, prepares a real small concert with the band”Conclude the organizers. The main theme and artistic concept of the project “SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, which includes all artistic, social and social tactics for responsible thinking of the future, justice, freedom, quality and dignity of life. All this respecting the community and nature, through artistic perception, preservation of humanity and justice towards nature. Accordingly, a responsible attitude towards urban resources and life. last_img read more

Our regions do not represent much to the active tourist individually. He is interested in the whole country and even beyond

first_imgThe name of this fair means “Bicycle and Hiking Fair” and is the largest fair for cyclists and mountaineers in Europe, and is one of the largest of its kind in the world.  Fair “Fiets in Wandelbeurs“, Which has been operating for 16 years, took place from 28 February to 1 March in a Dutch city near Amsterdam. The fair has long been known among recreational users, and 2 years ago it teamed up with 2 more events: Bike MOTION Benelux and E-bike Xperience, which proved to be a complete success to attract even more interested people.  A fair dedicated to the specialized offer of active and outdoor tourism has just ended in Utrecht.  Photo: Private album Among the Croatian representatives at the fair was the stand of the CNTB, where 4 county tourist boards presented their offer; Zadar, Lika-Senj, Šibenik-Knin and Primorje-Gorski Kotar counties.  Croatia has a great opportunity to preserve its natural resources, while not giving up the income coming from tourism. The current tourist who actively spends his vacation is the one who shows us the path we need to take in order to make a good living from tourism in the long run.  The fair was visited by more than 43.000 visitors in three days, which speaks volumes about the importance of the fair as well as the motive of all providers of active tourism to be present at it. Excellent attendance at the fair is another indication that active guests are hard to stop despite current media headlines; their healthy way of life, movement and rest in nature is obviously difficult to shake, which is extremely important for Croatia and the promotion of our natural beauties. Why did we decide to present ourselves at the Utrecht fair?  To one Dutchman, or to any other foreigner, individually our regions do not represent much; he is going on holiday to Croatia and he is interested in the whole country and even the wider area.  Croatia is a country of exceptional diversity, and active tourists love and appreciate it. These are tourists who are extremely mobile and the fact that the views around them change daily is very interesting to them in planning new trips.  Author: From Utrecht for writes Iva Bencun, co-organizer of the Zadar Outdoor Festival New trends continue to show a large increase in interest in “eco-friendly” travel; people are increasingly opting for train travel; Increasingly, accommodation is being sought as part of agritourism, rental of housing made of natural materials, camps and the like.  A large number of recreational enthusiasts and hikers who are interested in cycling and hiking routes, accommodation, bicycles and outdoor equipment find all the necessary information here. Exhibitors have the opportunity to meet an extremely large number of potential users of their products and services. In addition to products and services, the fair also offers an extensive program of lectures and workshops where the latest trends in active tourism for the upcoming season are presented. At our stand, the emphasis was primarily on our events, which we try to promote the regions we come from, but also the whole of Croatia. Zadar Outdoor is the first event of its kind in Croatia, which was created with the idea of ​​promoting the entire region, which is truly an ideal destination for an active vacation. Of course, this type of association is useful for all participants because, in addition to reducing costs, the promotion is more visible and easier for the end user. Photo: Private album However, what I would like to emphasize is that, following the positive association, Zadar Outdoor, Trogir Outdoor, TZO Preko and TZM Ugljan presented themselves at the joint stand. Synergy is crucial, because tourists are interested in a wider range of active / outdoor tourism, and not just one outdoor activity, ie the entire offer of the destination. We are pleased to bring positive news, especially in these days when there is great concern about long-term reactions to news about the coronavirus. We can’t miss it here either, because it’s something that the whole tourist community really feels. However, the type of tourists who spend their holidays actively in nature are not prone to generalization and panic. These are people who are certainly careful and study all relevant information well, but they react rationally and in contact with them in the last few days we must say that the interest in Croatia is very high and growing. last_img read more