How to Bring Your Geocaching “A” Game

first_img SharePrint RelatedGeocache Icon Run: find the most cache types in one dayApril 19, 2018In “Community”Behind the Scenes with a Volunteer ReviewerJanuary 13, 2011In “Community”6 ways to overcome your geocaching obstaclesOctober 29, 2019In “Learn” Don’t worry, it happens in every relationship. Your geocaching game might fall into a rut. But geocaching has more to offer than you have ever suspected. Here are a few tips to take your geocaching game to the next level and make it more rewarding than ever.Check out your Geocaching statistics and push your comfort zone. See how many finds you’ve had in your more productive months. Try creating a goal to add at least ten more finds than your highest monthly total. If quantity isn’t your game, add some variety to your finds. Geocaching offers more than a dozen different geocache types to find, like Traditional geocaches, Multi-Caches and Puzzle Caches. Have you found five different types? Ten? There’s at least one more option in the realm of numbers: difficulty and terrain ratings. Can you push yourself to solve a D5 puzzle or complete an epic T5 hike?Keeping geocaching fresh isn’t just about expanding boundaries; it’s also about expanding relationships. Bring new friends along for the adventure. First send them the new “What is Geocaching?” video, then take them to find a geocache with at least a few Favorite Points. Next you’ll be standing back, receiving praise and high-fives for introducing your friends to geocaching. And you? You’ll enjoy new geocaching buddies.Finally, add another layer to your geocaching adventure by releasing a Geocaching Trackable into the wild. Launch a Geocaching Travel Bug® with a goal of bouncing from geocache to geocache until it lands on your favorite beach, in a new city or even a new country—and then make the return journey.What are your tips for spicing up your geocaching life? Share them on the Geocaching Facebook Page, and in comments below.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img

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