Tips to cure kids back to school blues

first_imgIt’s not uncommon for kids to get the back to school blues but sometimes the stress can start to impact their lives and development.Registered psychologist, and Director of Moroz Child Psychology, Kelly Moroz says the best way to prepare kids for that first day is to make things as predictable as possible.“Some parents, just before school starts, will do dry runs with their children, waking up a little bit earlier, mimicking what getting ready for school looks like,” he said. “Taking a bus to get there, checking out the school and going on the playground.”Parents can also give them something to look forward to.“They might relate it to their own experience with school, talking about their favourite parts of the day to enhance the predictability of fun things that will occur in the school day,” said Moroz.Keeping a calendar with all of the extracurricular activities on it can also help.“The whole purpose of the hobbies and activities is to make for an enjoyable experience of life and if it’s starting to get to the point where you can barely even schedule in the activities themselves, let alone other relaxing fun time with the family, it’s often an indicator that changes have to occur with how many activities we do,” he explained.There are some clear signs stress could be affecting your child, such as coming up with excuses to avoid going to school.“It could change who they play with, how they eat and how they sleep,” said Moroz.For some, it could even look like they’re becoming ill.last_img

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