Lego Firefly playset discovered on Cuusoo

first_imgLegos were fun as a child, but they can be so much more fun as an adult. The Lego Cuusoo system allows for users to submit designs and concepts to the Lego company, and if they get 10,000 votes, then Lego will manufacture the kits. This gives geeks around the world the opportunity to bring their favorite pieces of geekdom to life, if for no other reason than to have that ultimate geek toy you made yourself. Fans of the long-debated show Firefly now have the opportunity to support one Cuusoo user who has submitted plans for the Captain Mal’s spaceship, Serenity.The concept, which already has well over 9,000 of the 10,000 total supporters needed, is designed to exist both as a display piece for collectors, and a toy to re-enact your favorite scenes starring Serenity. The ship is designed to hold mini Lego figures, so of course the design include figure designs for the Firefly cast. The mini figures will be able to play in the dining area and the cargo hold, which includes a movable loading ramp. Just like in the series, the firefly drive lights up, and the engine on the inside rotates with it.The design seems so well done so far, that several of the actors involved in Firefly have acknowledged and supported this project as well.Firefly Cast MembersFirefly Cast MembersFirefly Cast MinifiguresFirefly Serenity overheadFirefly Serenity Engine shotFirefly SerenityIf the project gets above 10,000 supporters, Lego will take the project into consideration and send the design to the Lego review team. If the review team decides to sent it to manufacturing, we’ll see prices and availability of the kit in the future. Considering that the prematurely cancelled Firefly show became so popular because of the “Browncoat” revolution on the Internet, it seems like another 1,000 supporters won’t be that hard to come by.UPDATE: It’s hit the 10,000 vote it needed!See the Firefly kit at Cuusoo.Cuusoo explained:last_img

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