Would Princess Bubblegum be a good President

first_imgWell, no. Princess Bubblegum can’t be the next President of the United States. She’s a fictional character. Plus, as far as we know, she wasn’t born in the United States and spawned from a giant mass of gum called the “Mother Gum” so she probably doesn’t count as human enough to be a viable candidate.However, in the event that we can choose any fictional cartoon character to run for President and to take part in presidential debates, we could do worse than Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. She has been leading the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Ooo for centuries, after all.There are plenty of other fictional characters that can qualify for the position (such as actual US citizens or people), but few have the long resume to back them up like PB.She’s certainly qualified for the job. She has years of experience and has been leading the Candy Kingdom from obscurity and desolation into relative profit and normalcy for all that time. In the episode “The Vault,” we learn that she was responsible for the founding of the city, along with the creation of the Gumball Guardians that protect it. So we know that she has infrastructure and organizational experience, and has a stable domestic defense policy in place. She also regularly plans events for the kingdom, such as scientific conferences and parties, so we know she has community relations experience.We also know that she is thoughtful about foreign relations, or at least she tries to be. She tries to maintain a semblance of neutrality when visiting neighboring kingdoms and until war breaks out or the leader of said kingdom does something reprehensible, she’s usually well-mannered and eloquent. Even when faced with leaders like the obnoxious and terrifying Lemongrabs, she manages to keep her cool (for the most part).Her ability to maintain neutrality in the face of clear incompetence is probably one of her strongest traits as a leader. Despite the Ice King repeatedly trying to kidnap and stalk her, she comes to his aid, invites him to events, and seems to generally put up with him.In the event that one of those relationships goes sour or if another threat lands on her doorstep, she has safety covered. She’s represented her kingdom in many crises, including the Lich, and always seems to have a plan in an emergency.An administration under PB (or Bonnibel, depending on how close you are), would be one centered around the continued expansion of knowledge in science and technology, with our President at the forefront. She’s never been afraid to test out something new, whether it’s resurrection, nanobots, or the creation of new life. There wouldn’t be a Candy Kingdom without her because she’s mostly made every single resident. She wouldn’t have to do this for us, but we’d have a President with priorities, working on advances that could impact our society for the better. Or worse (more on this later).This has little do with her qualifications, but wouldn’t it also be nice to have a gay President? And to maybe have Marceline as the First Lady? Just a thought.So in general, Princess Bubblegum would make a good President. She’s fearless, knows how to interact with foreign countries, is knowledgeable about the position, and is confident in her politics. There wouldn’t be any threat, domestic or foreign, that can sway her. She has the experience and the character for the job.But…The Princess has a lot of flaws that don’t exactly disqualify her from a hypothetical presidency but would make her a very questionable country leader. This is especially true in a democracy or republic where the people can hold their leaders accountable. While she has always been resolute in her ideologies, that means trouble when she does something wrong.Her foreign relations slate isn’t clean. It was her interference that led to Flame Princess getting locked away. While you can argue that PB made the decision in the best interests of her people–because Flame Princess’ powers would be dangerous–she still didn’t hesitate to ruin the lives of rival kingdoms in her own self-interests. This of course, has consequences later.Bubblegum has a history of nationwide and abusive surveillance on her people. As we see in “The Cooler,” she would go so far as to bug citizens that have left the Candy Kingdom in order to spy on other leaders, such as Flame Princess. She even has cameras in the citizens’ private bedrooms.While people in the US have had the ability to question the government on its surveillance policies without the threat of arrest (not quite the same as somebody leaking private documents on the NSA), you wouldn’t be so lucky in the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum has established absolute rule and doesn’t take criticism well. In “Apple Wedding,” she breaks into the King of Ooo’s home to prove that he’s a fake while at Tree Trunks’ wedding. When called out on this invasion of privacy, she throws everybody in jail, including the bride and groom.Her arrogance and need to control everything has gotten the best of her. She was eventually usurped by the King of Ooo in an election for leader of the Candy Kingdom in the episode “Hot Diggity Doom,” thinking that she didn’t need to campaign for her people. Of course, her citizens don’t make the best decisions on their own, so it’s not surprising that she lost her title. The citizens eventually revolt against the King, but not before PB all but gives up on leading her people.And even without the politics and current events getting in her way, she’s still a dangerous control freak. I mentioned earlier that her fearlessness in scientific progress is commendable, but the way she goes about experimentation is questionable to the point of being destructive.While the princess is an expert in the scientific field, she doesn’t have a strict code of ethics. She creates and abandons life on a near episode basis and has been doing it for centuries. She tests out experiments without thinking of the consequences before it’s too late and she has to call in Finn and Jake to help.In the clip above, we see a test of muffin nanobots that goes horribly wrong. Since the beginning of the series, she has been getting into trouble, such as when she tries to resurrect citizens and accidentally turns them into zombies or tries to create somebody like Goliad to replace her in the event of her death and nearly causes the end of it all anyway. Her stubbornness has nearly caused the apocalypse (and might again, if the fan theories are true).Princess Bubblegum has the relationships to be a great politician and the confidence to lead people into dangerous waters. She has been there in times of crisis, has built the Candy Kingdom up from nothing, and only wants to improve the quality of life for her people. Her citizens live in relative safety and normalcy for a reason.However, she’s reckless and doesn’t think of the consequences to her actions. She talks before she thinks. She doesn’t give her citizens a voice and is similar to a dictator in many respects. An absolute rule isn’t out of reach for her and she doesn’t listen to others that may advise her. The Candy Kingdom citizens are generally a bunch of idiots, but her diminishing patience with them won’t help them in the long run and only makes things worse.A leader that has that much control over their citizens and makes decisions on their own wouldn’t make a good US President. There needs to be balance in an administration, and there is no such thing in the Candy Kingdom.But how about you decide? Princess Bubblegum makes her presidential run in Boom’s one shot Adventure Time: President Bubblegum available now at Comixology.last_img

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