Dropmix is Rock Band Meets Hearthstone

first_imgStay on target 11 Ways the Wu-Tang Clan Shaped Geek CultureSpotify’s Rise to Power Dramatized in TV Mini-Series I’ve already gone into great detail about why DJ Hero is the secret best rhythm game of all time thanks to its glorious soundtrack of original mash-ups. But Harmonix, the studio that started the plastic instrument craze with Rock Band and the original Guitar Hero, has a new game in the works that may reclaim the throne. Revealed at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, Dropmix is a musical mash-up collectible card game.Harmonix is no stranger to making plastic musical gadgets. But Dropmix, a collaboration with toy titan Hasbro, might be the company’s most intriguing gizmo yet. The main Dropmix device is an electronic board players lay up to five cards on. These aren’t normal cards, though. Like Amiibo or Skylanders or any other remaining toys-to-life figure, Dropmix cards include NFC chips. Each card represent a specific song, and laying different cards on the board mixes the different songs together on the fly.So say you have cards for “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 and “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed. If you play those cards together, Dropmix will miraculously remix those songs together into something that sounds good through the magic of changing tempo and pitch. The goal is to earn more points than your opponent through successful mixes, but honestly, this sounds more compelling as an approachable tool/toy for music play and experimentation than a “video game.” It’s like The Magic iPod or some kind of Neil Cicierega simulator. You don’t even need a console, just the board, cards, and free mobile app.The base Dropmix board with 60 cards launches this September for $99.99. Additional packs of 16 cards will cost $14.99. Hopefully, they’re not randomized, and you don’t end up with duplicates. Harmonix promises Dropmix will feature songs from across genres, from country to hip-hop to pop to indie. Other confirmed tunes include “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars, and “Sing” by Ed Sheeran. I just hope that since Hasbro is involved, famous Transformers ballad “The Touch” by Stan Bush makes an appearance.last_img

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