GTA IV Portal mod adds playable ATLAS and Pbody

first_imgGTA IV on the PC has had a number of mods created for it. The best I’ve seen is the ICEhancer mod by IcE La Glace, which makes the game look absolutely gorgeous on modern hardware through a graphics update for the ageing engine.There’s a new mod for the game that may prove just as popular as ICEhancer, but it doesn’t make the game look any better. Instead, it adds the robot characters ATLAS and P-body from the co-op campaign of Portal 2.The mod has been created by modder indrivacula, who explains he got the two robots to walk around together in-game by using a bodyguard setting. Very clever.Regardless of whether you’ve already played through GTA IV or not, revisiting the game and playing in robot form adds comedy value if nothing else. Ordering a hot dog, stealing cars, riding on a Chopper, and walking among the population without anyone taking any notice is highly amusing.The mod itself is only a 3.49MB download, and can be found at the link below. Details of how to install this and most other mods is available over at the mod for free from GTA4-Modslast_img

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