A few needful tweaks but no grand statements

first_imgcomment Soccer 1 Feb 2008 19:15 Kevin McCarra Hardly an eyebrow was raised as the England coach announced his first squad, writes Kevin McCarra Reply Rafasaysitisclear Share Share on Twitter 1 Feb 2008 15:53 Report Share on Facebook Twitter 1 Feb 2008 18:07 Share Sportblog Reply 0 1 Twitter Spottersbadge – when has a fit Owen let England down? Where else are the goals going to come from? And let’s qualify for the WC before picking the squad. Twitter Facebook 0 1 Share on Twitter | Pick unthreaded Facebook newest Share on Twitter recommendations 1 Feb 2008 19:10 Share Report Report All Twitter Facebook 0 1 Reply Facebook | Pick Share Blades4ever cavelier55 Share on Facebook 1 Feb 2008 17:35 Share comments (65)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. | Pick Report Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Messenger Twitter 0 1 Share Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Order by oldest 1 Feb 2008 11:45 Facebook Report Share on Twitter “We cannot start moaning about the quality of the manager now”Wannabet? Soccer Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Only FOUR blogs about Cappello’s first Engurlund squad? It’s just not good enough, give me more! Twitter motherfunker johnny5eyes Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Reply | Pick RogerFromPutney Share Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 0 1 Share on Twitter A better question is ‘what sort of striker will FC pick?’. Assuming 4-2-3-1, can it be Owen? Or will he go for a target man like Heskey? Who was his favourite Italian striker? Who most resemble him in this squad? Twitter Share on Twitter Facebook Facebook Report Share on Twitter Twitter Report Share | Pick Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Report invain Report Share Share on Twitter Twitter 1 Feb 2008 15:30 Kevin,Sol Campbell hasn’t been playing that well in the last month or so. I would have been surprised if he had been called up considering that the other seven are playing better than him at present.Glen Johnson seems to have been accepted as a logical choice by yourself and others. He has been one of Pompey’s better players this season and has cut out the majority of the silly errors he was prone to make through lack of concentration (Bramblitis). I also think you’re over-concentrating on age when it comes to David James who fitness levels are astonishing. He is 37, going on 27 physically according to PFC medical team. Possibly his best days are ahead of him still. RafasaysitisclearYouth and PASSION – Bentley and Agbonlahor? So much passion they both refused to play for their country at under 21 level. They were too tired. 0 1 “the ‘harry high pant’ look is always a tell-tale sign of a player that’s lost a bit of shape”We do attract a better class of observer here on the Guardian blog. Share on Facebook Facebook 100 Twitter RogerfromPutney- are you an Arsenal fan by any chance?Although they have been great this season,I think 7 players in the best prem XI is a bit short sighted.How about:Green,Lescott,Ferdinand,Laursen,Clichy,Fabregas, Ronaldo,Elano,Hleb,Rooney,Torres. Anyhoo,back to the England thread.Why the hell was Owen selected? Surely this is the perfect time to send a message to the golden generation that if you don’t perform,you don’t play. And,by the time the next major tournament comes round,Owen is gonna be too old and too crocked to make an impact anyway. Yeboah21 Loading comments… Trouble loading? | Pick A few needful tweaks but no grand statements 0 1 Reply Facebook 0 1 maysha Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment This squad just shows the dearth of real quality of English players in the Premiership this season. Capello must have left games desperately downhearted. The ones who generally are regarded as in the elite – Terry, Lampard, Gerrard & er that’s it – have had injury-hit or poor campaigns. Only Rio & Rooney can say they have really shone this year.Prem XI so far. Friedel; Sagna Gallas Rio Clichy; Ronaldo Fabregas Flamini Hleb; Rooney Adebayor. Subs: Van der Sar Vidic Cahill Elano Jones. | Pick Jaberwocky you’re right (never thought I’d type that). But we have forgotten what a good manzager can do for an international team. Not since Venables v. Holland has an England team been more than the sum of the parts. With a great manager good players can start to be a great team. This squad will look a lot stronger then. LostTransportation 1 Feb 2008 17:08 Report Report Share on Facebook Reply Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Sniton & invain: I accept that his international record is impressive,but I just wonder when the younger players will get a better chance to establish themselves.If my memory serves me correctly,Owen was a relatively unknown quantity when Hoddle took him to France’98,and he duly made himself into a household name.Surely you can only know if a player is international standard if you play him at international level. Share on Facebook Report Sack Copello NOW he’s rubbish!!!!!!!!! 1 Feb 2008 17:26 Reply Reply Share Share on Facebook | Pick I watched Sol play at Sunderland recently in a game live on Foxtel – biggest shorts in the Premier League: the ‘harry high pant’ look is always a tell-tale sign of a player that’s lost a bit of shape. David Unsworth of recent vintage springs to mind as well. 3 Sniton 1 Feb 2008 13:47 Report Reply Twitter | Pick Share Some of his decisions are bafflingKitson has 8 goals in the league this season (in a very poor team), Crouch and Heskey have just 1 goal each, and Owen just 2. So he’s clearly not picking players on form.Likewise, Robert Green has conceded just 21 league goals this season, compared with 31 for Carson and 40 for Kirkland, and Nicky Shorey is part of a defence which has conceded 50 goals, just 1 less than Derby. | Pick | Pick 0 1 Facebook 1 Share Sniton Share on Twitter 0 1 Report Reply Facebook Report Share on Facebook maysha 0 1 Twitter 1 Feb 2008 12:28 Share on Twitter 0 1 Share Reportcenter_img JVIP One small consolation about this team of players is (maybe ?) we will never again hear Motty uttering the inimitable words “another very poor challenge from Paul Scholes”JVIPwww.forgirlswhocantdofootball.blogspot.com 1 Feb 2008 18:00 2 Reply spottersbadge Show 25 Share I don’t know if I agree with Brian Barwick’s statement that premiership clubs have a duty to provide the National team with more quality players, but as the pool of talent available is relatively limited the squad chosen isn’t too much of a shocker, and probably not much different to that which any other manager would have chosen. The culled squad will most likely be fairly familiar as would be expeceted, but it is what he does with the same pile of the proverbial. Newly shiny whites or not, McLaren was never going to inspire or dare I say it, strike any fear into any of the players. An injection of youth and passion is what the team needs and the likes of Bentley, Agbonlahor et al deserve the opportunity.In saying that, somewhat hypocritically, I think I would have given Beckham some brief role, get it out of the way and put that circus behind us once and for all. But thats another issue. 1 Feb 2008 18:26 Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Share on LinkedIn 1 Cavelier – agree exactly about the need for a great manager to maximise the potential of any team. For the last few decades England teams have been, except for a couple of games, less than the sum of the parts.Here’s hoping for FC and: James Richards/Rio/King/Cole Hargreaves/Carrick Gerrard/Rooney/Cole AgbonlahorWith pace on the bench for the second half. 25 Now is the moment of truth.Cappello is as near to the gold standard of managers as makes no difference.If he fails to get us to the world cup then we need to wake up and smell the coffee.Either the players we have are not good enough or the depth of talent available is not big enough.We cannot start moaning about the quality of the manager now. Share on Pinterest Share Twitter Facebook 0 1 invain collapsed Share on Facebook 1 Feb 2008 17:38 Twitter Reply 1 Feb 2008 19:05 Facebook Report oldest | Pick spottersbadge allysarmy Report Share on Facebook Share 0 1 Share on Twitter Share spottersbadge – I agree with you that you’ve got to get a chance to prove that you can take it, but who is out there that deserves a chance that they haven’t yet had……. Agbonlahor yes but any others? Report 1 Feb 2008 18:46 Twitter 1 Feb 2008 14:02 Reuse this content,View all comments > Facebook 0 1 | Pick Share on Twitter | Pick “Why the hell was Owen selected?”The only thing i can think of is that goal scoring at international level is a talent that you either have or don’t have and however poor Owen is at the moment the alternatives have proven that they don’t have it Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Email (optional) Reason (optional) Report Share on Facebook Report 1 Feb 2008 18:47 If England make the next World Cup I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben Foster was between the sticks. Facebook Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp | Pick Share Share on Facebook Topics Share on Twitter Reply | Pick duncan23 Share via Email Thu 31 Jan 2008 19.10 EST Reply Threads collapsed Share Fabio Capello is too good a manager to masquerade as an impresario. The make-up of his first England squad was a studied exercise in avoiding showmanship. Those perusing the preliminary list of 30 names for next Wednesday’s friendly with Switzerland at Wembley found themselves stifling a yawn rather than a gasp of astonishment.There was no room for the uncapped Dave Kitson, the Reading striker who had been tipped to be accommodated. There was even self-denial from Capello, who assigned players such as Manchester City’s goalkeeper Joe Hart and Tottenham Hotspur’s Aaron Lennon to the Under-21 party because of the important European Championship qualifier with the Republic of Ireland at Southampton’s St Mary’s stadium on the evening before the Switzerland match.Close scrutiny of Capello’s list was called for before robust verdicts could be identified. The 31-year-old Phil Neville was not included and although he has been overlooked in the past it is ominous for the Everton player that he could not find a berth in a roomy squad which will have seven names cut tomorrow. Sol Campbell, 33, can also draw a grim conclusion about his absence from the group.The decision not to pick David Beckham was ascribed to a lack of match fitness, and the LA Galaxy midfielder’s hopes of landing his 100th cap may depend on England friendlies at the very end of this season. But there is a new challenge for his post with the presence of Gabriel Agbonlahor in the full party. Although Agbonlahor is often seen in a central role at Aston Villa he can be fielded on the right. It is not impossible that he will be one of the seven names who drop out when the squad is trimmed but it would seem futile to call him up from the Under-21s and then send him back there.Curtis Davies, the other uncapped player, is also at Villa, where his loan move from West Bromwich Albion will become long-term in the summer. Despite the injury that rules out John Terry, Davies is one of seven centre-halfs in the party, including those occasional right-backs Wes Brown and Micah Richards, now that Matthew Upson has been brought back into the fold.It is an obvious area for trimming, although that may happen naturally if the recalled Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate, with their well known knee problems, suffer a reaction after Tottenham’s game with Manchester United tomorrow. Since Terry is already missing, a new captain has to be identified, with Steven Gerrard and perhaps Rio Ferdinand the main candidates.Capello’s squad is an assertion that there is no need for a manager of his distinction to make a portentous statement. His predecessor, Steve McClaren, surely had a symbolic purpose in mind when he ditched Beckham at the beginning of his tenure, but the Italian’s misgivings are entirely practical.Capello has shown a degree of understanding elsewhere in the selection of Michael Owen, who has scored one goal, against Stoke City, in eight appearances for Newcastle United since his thigh injury in the friendly international with Austria. The preference for retaining him is an amalgam of faith in his innate talent and recognition that hitting the net regularly for the St James’ Park club would be a stiff task for anyone at the moment. There may be more opportunities with his country because Capello has named Emile Heskey, the Wigan Athletic target man who brings out the prolific best in Owen. In any case it would have been reckless to overlook the Newcastle forward when other strikers who have been named, such as Peter Crouch, are hardly running amok either.So far as squad development goes, there is little alternative but to follow the path that McClaren had started to take, with both David Bentley and Ashley Young in the provisional squad. But there is an opportunity to set a new course where the goalkeeping position is concerned. David James may well start against Switzerland but he will be 38 at the opening of next season. Scott Carson is one challenger and, although West Ham’s Rob Green might have anticipated being involved, the other berth has gone, presumably at the urging of Capello’s goalkeeping coach Franco Tancredi, to Chris Kirkland, who joins Heskey as the second Wigan player in the group.Having announced a squad bereft of surprises, Capello will give the first indication of the difference his management skills can make when he endeavours to make a new start with familiar players. 0 1 | Pick Share invain Reply Twitter Facebook 0 1 Report Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Josethemagnificent 1 Feb 2008 11:05 | Pick 0 1 Report Reply Report Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook Report Facebook Possibly his best days ahead of him? Christ on a stick, I’d be worried if he had his worse days ahead of him…. Share 0 1 Shares11 Reply expanded 1 Feb 2008 18:25 Facebook Spottersbadge – I was only arguing with the doubt over Owen’s being in the squad. Here’s hoping that we don’t have to rely on him for much longer. And that someone, anyone, can come through as he did to replace Shearer. My money (not much mind) is on Agbonlahor. Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jaberwocky 1 Feb 2008 18:48 Reply 1 Feb 2008 19:15 Report 3 Not a great time to pick an England squad for any manager. So many players are in a lull form-wise or are injured. Even some of the exciting young guys have been a bit mediocre of late, and as mentioned before the only players bang in form are Rio and Rooney. All this can turn around pretty quick enough though, and I just hope that Don Fabio can get the best out of this undoubtedly talented generation before its too late. For me, the reason why the likes of Lampard, Gerrard and even Rooney haven’t ever really done it for England is because of the lack of an international class England manager worthy of the name. Now we hopefully have that I expect them to respond in a big way. If not then Mr Capello will probably not give them the kind of blinkered support that so marred the regimes of SMC and Sven. I don’t care what sychophantic pundits like Hansen, Shearer and Lineaker say, if Gerrard or Rooney or Owen are not consistantly doing the business they should be dropped, even if they are the best players we have, no one should ever take their place for granted. Capello had no problems dumping idols like Raul and Beckham, he will equally not hesitate to drop any primma donna who thinks he’s better than he really is.For what its worth my XI:- Carson; Richards, Rio, Woodgate, Bridge; Hargreaves, Barry; J. Cole, Gerrard, Young; Rooney. (4-2-3-1). Share on Facebook Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook invain invain Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share via Email | Pick Reply Share Share on Twitter Share Share 1 Feb 2008 18:20 Twitter Am i the only one to think Curtis Davies is the most overrated english centre back since Matthew Upson? Share on Twitter 0 1 Reply 0 1 Share on Twitter Facebook | Pick | Pick | Pick | Pick | Pick Share on Facebook 0 1 Reply 1 Feb 2008 18:13 Share Facebook tomwolfe First published on Thu 31 Jan 2008 19.10 EST Comments 65 Share on Twitter 1 Feb 2008 17:30 0 1 50 Facebook Sportblog 0 1 Facebook Reply Close report comment form Share on Twitter Reply 2 0 1 | Pick View more commentslast_img

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