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Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi to Remain in Prison until Trial

Rabat – The voice of Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank, Ahed Tamimi, and her mother will remain in custody until trial, ruled an Israeli court today.Tamimi, 16, was arrested after a video posted by the Israeli police, showing her defying Israeli soldiers. Both she and her cousin appeared kicking and pushing two armed soldiers from her family’s front yard.In early January, Tamimi received 12 charges, including “assault” and “incitement.” She now faces months in custody before the judge pronounces her sentence. “The gravity of the offences of which she is accused does not allow an alternative to custody,” her judge said.Tamimi’s next hearing is scheduled for January 31, the day of her 17th birthday.“The court said that because she is so dangerous there is no possibility of bail,” her lawyer, Gaby Lasky reportedly told the Guardian.Israel remains the only country in the world that prosecutes children in military courts, the Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) rights group told Al Jazeera.Human rights organizations and the European Union have condemned the arrest of teenager.A day after her arrest, Ahed’s mother, Nariman, was also arrested when she went to visit her daughter at an Israeli police station and requested to be present during the her daughter’s interrogation.Nariman is also charged with “assault” and “incitement” for uploading the video to social media.The Tamimi family started documenting the Israeli occupation in 2009.Ahed Tamimi has shown more strength and resistance than all Arab leaders combined #???_???????— Fatima (@fatimalmahmoud) December 19, 2017A skinnier, younger Ahed first attracted global attention in a viral video in 2012, when she was featured shaking her fist at an Israeli soldier, demanding to know why her brother was detained. Since then, she appeared several times on camera, bravely defying Israeli occupation. read more

Citing lack of progress UN envoy urges Israelis and Palestinians to step

“There is no more sobering a manifestation of such a risk than the financial and economic crisis currently afflicting the Palestinian Authority (PA),” Robert Serry said in his briefing to the Security Council.Describing the Authority’s fiscal situation as “very grave,” Mr. Serry stated that despite Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s commendable efforts, he is confronted with the effects of a decrease in foreign aid, the failure of donor countries to fulfil their financial pledges and slowing economic activity.As an immediate step to ensure the Authority’s fiscal viability in the short-term, he urgently called on donors to increase their contributions and provide the needed funds to timely finance the current gap. The Israeli Government is also called on to do more to alleviate the Authority’s burden and provide the much-needed economic impetus in the medium-term.Amidst a fiscal crisis and related social unrest in the West Bank, the stakes are growing, said the envoy. “The main obstacles remain political: the unresolved issues between the parties, the continued occupation and the ongoing Palestinian divide.“But we can no longer simply count on the pursuit of short-term mutual confidence-building measures aimed at starting talks. Such measures are not alternatives for a negotiated peace.”Developments on the ground also do not support efforts to overcome the political stalemate, Mr. Serry said, noting ongoing settlement activity, both settler and Palestinian violence, Israeli military operations in the West Bank, and rocket attacks from Gaza.He said that in a “volatile and rapidly changing” region, the vision of the two-State solution and the achievements of the Palestinian Authority are elements of stability and progress that should not be lost but rather maintained and realized in full without further delay. “For one, this means nothing short of unequivocal support by the international community for the PA and collective intensified efforts to address the fiscal difficulties presently faced and preserve the institutional gains made to date.“Israel also has a special responsibility and interest in ensuring the PA’s viability,” Mr. Serry added. “It is now even more important for the parties to further engage in positive steps, show restraint, and refrain from provocative acts that risk inflaming an already delicate environment.”He added that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sincerely hopes that the Quartet – comprising the European Union, Russia, the United States and the UN – in consultation with the parties, will chart a credible political way ahead in the coming months. read more

Database Analyst

Purpose of the Post:To carry out Microsoft SQL Server database processing, reporting and administration for automotive databases, including “Motorparc” (vehicles in use), “Anonymised” (new, used and vehicles in use) and MOT data.To create and run reports for customers and stakeholders.To carry out linking of SMMT data to other data sets, including DVLA model codes and insurance group rating (Thatcham / code44).To develop new reporting services and help generate additional income.To build and maintain knowledge of the underlying data and processes and to create/maintain documentation accordingly.To develop an understanding of the business requirements behind the databases and reports.To help improve SMMT data processes and efficiency through technical innovation.To help identify and meet future requirements for automotive data by keeping in touch with other SMMT departments (especially Public Policy and Vehicle Legislation) and external organisations and stakeholders.Please note that the this role requires good technical skills, especially Microsoft SQL Server, but also involves strong interpersonal and team working skills and a certain amount of general business administration, as well as helping out with day to day running of the department and company.Qualifications/Skills/Attributes required:Strong data analysis and processing skills.Proven experience of Microsoft SQL Server. Ability to work with complex databases, to write new complex queries and to understand and adapt existing SQL scripts and procedures.Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office software including MS-Word, MS-Excel, and ideally MS-Access.Strong team player with good customer facing and interpersonal skills.Ability to multi-task and prioritise to meet deadlines.High level of concentration and accuracy.Initiative, ability to learn and enthusiasm, self-starter.Aware of the need to maintain the confidentiality of personal data and commercially sensitive information and comply with contractual requirements.Main duties include:Carry out monthly, quarterly and annual take-on of external data sets.Database administration and housekeeping.To receive and process enquiries and orders for data from customers and other stakeholders and to carry these through to invoicing and order renewal.Carry out weekly vehicle model coding / linking e.g. DVLA codes and insurance group rating (Thatcham / code44).To liaise with the SMMT accounts department on customer invoicing and related financial matters.To help ensure the security and integrity of the databases and compliance with SMMT policies and supplier contract(s).To help develop, document and improve the database take-on and reporting processes.To evaluate and integrate other information sets into SMMT systems as required.To assist in the day to day running of the department and company.To carry out other duties as directed by the line manager and/or head of departmentSalary and benefits package:The package includes private medical insurance, company pension scheme, flexi time, 25 days annual leave, childcare vouchers, interest free season ticket loan (after six months).Deadline for Applications:4 July 2016Method of Application:Prospective candidates should e-mail with a CV and covering letter quoting your salary expectations.Early applications are encouraged as interviews will take place and the position offered before this date if a suitable candidate is found.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

The 9 at 9 Tuesday

first_imgEVERY MORNING, brings you nine things you need to know with your morning cup of coffee.1. #STORM: Good news – Met Éireann has lifted the national weather warning. Showers and gale force winds lingering today will pass by this afternoon and it has been reported that the government’s emergency planning task force will meet today to discuss the damage caused by the storm.2. #PYLONS: The deadline for public submissions for Eirgrid’s Gridlink project, which could involve the construction of a large number of electricity pylons, expires later today. The company has said that, once the consultation process has been completed, it is willing to work with communities to resolve issues.3. #BARRISTERS: Barristers in Ireland have been paid some €139 million by the Attorney General over the last ten years, The Irish Times reports – mostly for asylum cases which accounted for 23 per cent.4. #MENTAL HEALTH: A study conducted by a team of Irish researchers has found high levels of post-traumatic stress disorder in psychiatric service users in this country. Among Irish participants in the research, sexual abuse.humiliation and lack of shelter were the top two traumatic events cited.5. #HAASS TALKS: The Ulster Unionist Party has rejected proposals by negotiator Dr Richard Haass on resolutions to the issues of flags, parades and dealing with the past. In a statement, the party said it believes the Haass document is ‘not viable and therefore unacceptable’.6. #MEDICAL CARDS: Over 700,000 medical cards have been issued in the last ten years. The lowest number of cards was issued in 2004 with levels rising each year since then and a huge leap of 150,000 extra cards between 2011 and 2012.7. #AER LINGUS: The airline reported a jump in long-haul passengers on almost 12 per cent last month, though short hall passengers fell slightly in December. Overall, the total numbers flying with Aer Lingus were unchanged last month compared to the previous year.8. #UNITED STATES: As we wave (hopefully) goodbye to our superstorm, the US has been gripped by a ‘polar vortex’ causing record low temperatures. AFP reports that more than a dozen death have been blamed on the frigid weather.9. #TURKEY: Some 350 Turkish police officers were dismissed from their posts overnight, BBC reports. This follows a probe into corruption, specifically targeting those in the force who were close to the government.last_img read more

Solar Powered Pyramids Light Up The UAE

first_imgAs part of a UAE competition, a group of designers has come up with the Lunar Cubit: a solar powered pyramid that both provides power and looks beautiful.The Lunar Cubit won first prize in the Land Art Generator Initiative, which is a competition focused on aesthetically pleasing green energy facilities. Essentially, the design is little more than a pyramid-shaped solar plant covered in solar panels. THe nine pyramids–one large one surrounded by smaller plants–are also equipped with a series of LED light that light up the night according to the current lunar phase.Attractive or not, the Lunar Cubit does seem a touch impractical, as one nine-pyramid set-up is only able to power around 250 homes.Via Fast Companylast_img

The structure of cicada wings can kill bacteria on contact

first_imgWe all know that there is both good and bad bacteria, and there are many ways to take down the bad guys. Normally, we resort to applying some sort of material to ourselves — soap, medicine, antibacterial lotion, and so on. Now, though, scientists have discovered a new way to kill bacteria, and it doesn’t involve some sort of third-party material. The very structure of cicada wings traps bacteria, and slowly rips it apart.At a microscopic level, the clanger cicada’s wing contains many tiny spikes. So, when some bacteria gets on the wing, the little guys essentially get impaled, then slowly slide down the spikes, being ripped apart until they die. The bacteria doesn’t instantly become impaled, though, as if it fell from a high ledge and landed square on a pole; it lands, and its own weight eventually pulls it down on to the spike, impaling it. As it slides, its skin becomes pulled apart, stretching the bacteria until it does, reminding us of a particular video game.However, the scientists tested what they felt appeared to be happening. In a microwave, they cooked various bacteria at different degrees, which in turn made some bacteria skin more elastic than other skin. The bacteria with the more elastic skin succumbed to the slow, skin-being-ripped-apart death, while the bacteria with the harder skin did not. This confirmed that the cicada wing spikes are, in fact, killing bacteria.This marks the first time scientists have seen the biomaterial of a living organism destroy bacteria. The discovery is relatively new, but in time, could pave the way for various materials that could protect surfaces from bacteria; perhaps some kind of glove, or a coating for toilet flushers. Wherever this discovery ends up, hopefully we’ll be killing bacteria with spikes sometime soon.last_img read more

Sophie Cotsis and Labor ready for Canterbury and Government

first_imgSophie Cotsis, the Member for Canterbury and first woman of Greek heritage to serve in the NSW parliament is in the midst of a campaign for re-election for the NSW State Election to be held on Saturday, 23 March. Canterbury is the home to one of the biggest Greek communities in the world and is amongst the most multicultural places in Australia. One can’t help be mesmerised by the charming suburbs, parks, shops and eateries of the Canterbury area. Born at Canterbury Hospital to parents from Lesvos, the clubhouse of the Mytilenean Brotherhood sits by the Cooks River, a place where she and her family have had many fond memories.Spending almost a year battling breast cancer, her return to the electorate and serving her constituents has brought a smile and a sense of relief to the 46 year old.Ms Cotsis first served in the NSW Parliament in the Legislative Council between 7 September 2010 until 16 September 2016, when she resigned and successfully ran for the seat of Canterbury that was vacated by Linda Burney. Ms Burney, who moved on to the Federal Seat of Barton, is one the nation’s foremost politicians, and is of Wiradjuri and Scottish descent. Both women seem to reflect the diversity and gender balance that the Labor Party has sought to attain; a genuine reflection of modern Australia.They hosted a barbeque on Saturday, 24 February at the Campsie South Bowling Club with over 200 supporters and volunteers in attendance. They were also joined by Ed Husic, the Member for Chifley.Ms Cotsis told supporters, friends and colleagues of her hopes for another term, with education, Canterbury Hospital, health, good jobs, free TAFE, environment and local issues top of her agenda.Since 2016, Sophie and her office have responded and engaged with thousands of residents, schools, businesses and other stakeholders on local issues and this is something they fully intend to continue with.The Canterbury state Labor MP is excited to be campaigning again after taking a leave of absence in 2018 to fight breast cancer. Toward the last few weeks of last year, Ms Cotsis turned the spotlight on her own health and breast cancer, urging women and men to put their own health first.“This was a difficult time for me and my family and I deeply appreciate the steadfast support of my wonderful family, friends, my local community, staff and colleagues,” Ms Cotsis said.“I now look forward to doing what I love and representing my community,  and to fight the 2019 NSW State Election as the Member for Canterbury. We are confident that Michael Daley will become the next Premier of our wonderful state.” Sophie was particular grateful to the local Labor branch members and volunteers who love Canterbury as much as she does.For more information or to help with the campaign: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Windows Phone 200 millions de dollars de promotion

first_imgWindows Phone : 200 millions de dollars de promotionMicrosoft et ses partenaires, tels Nokia, voient les choses en grand. Pour promouvoir outre-Atlantique les smartphones équipés de Windows Phone, l’OS mobile du géant de Redmond, ils prévoiraient un budget de quelque 200 millions de dollars. Microsoft est bien décidé à offrir à son OS Windows Phone une place de choix sur le marché des systèmes d’exploitation mobile, pour l’heure dominé par Android et iOS. Pour y parvenir, le géant de Redmond entend miser sur une campagne commerciale de taille. Avec ses partenaires, et notamment Nokia, Microsoft prévoit en effet d’investir, avec certains de ses partenaires, comme Nokia, quelque 200 millions de dollars en opérations marketing, et ce uniquement pour les Etats-Unis.À lire aussiNomophobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Ce budget permettra la mise en place d’incitations financières, comprises entre 10 et 15 dollars par mobile vendu, pour encourager les revendeurs à mettre en avant les smartphones sous Windows Phone, au détriment des iPhone et autres terminaux Android, explique le site Les commerçants devraient en outre se voir dispenser des formations pour qu’ils orientent les consommateurs vers l’OS de Microsoft. De vastes actions commerciales visant directement le grand public sont bien entendu également au programme.Après l’arrivée du premier Windows Phone de Nokia, le Lumia 800, la firme finlandaise s’apprête à dévoiler son Lumia 900. Il devrait être présenté lors du CES 2012 de Las Vegas, qui aura lieu du 10 au 13 janvier.Le 6 janvier 2012 à 15:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Will Be Made Out Of Old Gadgets

first_imgHost cities always try to put their own special twist on things when it comes to designing Olympic medals. For Tokyo, that twist is to make them out of people’s old, unwanted gadgets.You’re probably well aware of the fact that electronics contain all kinds of valuable metals. The Olympic Committee is challenging Japanese residents to recycle eight tons of old electronics. They’re hopeful that amount will yield enough gold to produce the 5,000 medals they’ll need to award winners at both the Olympic and Paralympic games.They don’t need as much gold to make that many medals as you might thing. The gold medals handed out at the Rio games, for example, used roughly .2 ounces of gold. If they use a similar composition for Tokyo, they’ll only need about 62 pounds of gold.Image: WikipediaFormer Olympic decathlete and world-record holder Ashton Eaton told Japan Times, “when an athlete at Tokyo wins a medal, the weight of it will not be from the gold, silver or bronze; it will be the weight of a nation.” Medals made from recycled electronics already sound cool, but Eaton makes it sound downright badass.Mobile giant NTT Docomo will be placing collection boxes in 2400 of its stores, and organizers estimate that they’ll need millions of phones to hit their 8-ton goal. Other collection centers will be set up so that locals can drop off other electronics, too.Old motherboards and CPUs will no doubt be welcome contributions, especially older ones. Gold tended to be used a lot less sparingly back in the day of 386 and 486 PCs, so they’ll hit their goal a whole lot quicker if people have vintage computing hardware they can part with.last_img read more

Gracia hopeful over Kabaseles return from injury

first_imgWatford manager Javi Gracia insists he’s hopeful Christian Kabasele will be available soon, after revealing the defender didn’t suffer a serious injury.Kabasele was in clear pain after he collided with the goalpost during Watford’s 2-1 home loss to Chelsea, as he slid attempting to stop a Willian effort from entering the goal.The Belgium international was substituted off and taken to the hospital later in the first half after leaving the stadium on a stretcher wearing an oxygen mask.Confirming he will miss Saturday’s home game against Newcastle United, Javi Gracia said, according to Harrow Times:What to expect from Watford V Arsenal? Taimoor Khan – September 8, 2019 Arsenal are set to take on Watford this weekend and the game is definitely going to be quite a peculiar contest between two sides…“He’s not training with the team. After the game he didn’t feel well, but now I think he’s only feeling some pain (to his shoulder and back area), but I think he will be ready soon.”However, Gracia did not rule out the possibility of Kabasele being available for next week’s New Year trip to the Vitality stadium to face Bournemouth, but he was optimistic the 27-year-old would available for selection again sooner rather than later.He said: “In this moment I can’t tell you when he will be ready but we now know – because after the game we didn’t know what he had – it’s only pain and I think he will be available for the next games.”last_img read more