Florida man throws urine on prosecutor during court proceedings

first_imgA Florida man who is facing attempted murder charges is now facing additional charges after he allegedly threw urine on a prosecutor during court proceedings.The incident occurred Wednesday in a Broward County court room.According to the report, Albert Narvaez was facing sentencing for holding his former girlfriend at gunpoint inside a car and shooting at her when she managed to escape.Attorney Andrew Newman, who won the case against Narvaez was present in the courtroom.At some point during proceedings, Narvaez took out a container in which he stored urine in and flung it at Newman while yelling, “He told me to do it!”Officials say they are unsure of who Narvaez was referring to.The urine was said to have gone inside of Newman’s mouth and all over his clothing.Narvaez’ sentencing has since been postponed, however, he is now facing an additional charge of battery .The Broward State Attorney’s Office also reported that they will ask Gov. Ron DeSantis to appoint another prosecutors’ office to handle the case, as to avoid a conflict of interest because Newman is one of their employees.last_img

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