UPDATED STORY — Iowa Department of Public Health lists new COVID-19 death in Hancock County, county health official says there’s not been a death

first_imgConfirmed CasesNew Cases Floyd56 Deaths Winnebago203 Area Total6 Floyd2 Franklin922 Cerro Gordo1 Worth11 Mitchell Kossuth Floyd73(2 cases moved to another county) Cerro Gordo953 Hancock Worth20 Cerro Gordo1843 Butler582 Mitchell392 Franklin This story was updated at 4:15 PM with new information regarding Hancock County officials saying there has NOT been a COVID-19 death. center_img Area Total97212 Wright1 Wright3861 Kossuth361 Area Total66022 Winnebago Franklin553 RecoveredNew Recovered Hancock551 Worth Winnebago29 Butler2 Kossuth232 DES MOINES — State officials say a COVID-19-related death has been reported in Hancock County, but the county’s director of community health says that information is not correct. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health’s website, one death has been reported in Hancock County in the 24 hours leading up to 11 o’clock this morning. The Hancock County Director of Community Health Chelcee Schleuger tells KGLO News that there is NOT a death in Hancock County and that the dashboard is incorrect.12 more cases of COVID-19 were reported in our listening area during that same time period — three in Cerro Gordo; two each in Butler, Franklin, and Mitchell; and single cases in Hancock, Kossuth and Wright. That brings the area’s pandemic total to 972 — 386 in Wright; 184 in Cerro Gordo; 92 in Franklin; 73 in Floyd; 58 in Butler; 55 in Hancock; 39 in Mitchell; 36 in Kossuth; 29 in Winnebago; and 20 in Worth.22 more people in the area have recovered — eight in Mitchell; three each in Cerro Gordo, Franklin, and Winnebago; two each in Kossuth and Wright; and one in Hancock — to make the overall total now 660.Statewide in the same 24-hour period, four more deaths were reported for a total of 725; 271 more cases were identified for a total of 31,927; 481 more people have recovered for a total of 25,439. Butler41 Wright2972 Mitchell198 Hancock431last_img

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