Envoy Mortgage Expands FHA Loan Product Offerings

first_img Share In Houston, Texas, “”Envoy Mortgage””:http://envoymortgage.com/ is enhancing its loan product offerings to start the new year. Currently operating mortgage retail branches in nearly every U.S. state, Envoy’s customers will now have access to an expanded range of “”Federal Housing Administration (FHA)””:http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/federal_housing_administration 203(k) mortgages.[IMAGE]New lending options from Envoy include full 203(k) loans, which give borrowers an “”unrestricted window”” to cover costs associated with renovations and repairs on a home purchase. [COLUMN_BREAK]Envoy noted, however, that this type of mortgage remains subject to FHA loan limits that vary from market to market. The new product offering incorporates costs for renovations and repairs into a single loan, and borrowers hoping to tap into the mortgage option can purchase properties under guidelines similar to those applied to FHA 203(b) loans. Elaborating on the benefits to consumers utilizing full FHA 203(k) loans, Envoy’s SVP of builder products for its national builder division, Suzanne Schakett, stated, “”For borrowers, it provides opportunities to take advantage of favorable prices on existing homes and to be able to customize homes to their specifications.””Continuing her commentary, Schakett added, “”The U.S. real estate market continues to have a high inventory of distressed properties, which include foreclosures and REOs (bank-owned homes) that are a result of the economic downturn. The full 203(k) loan is a construction-related product that essentially benefits everyone involved in real estate today.””These loan products stimulate affordable housing and the economy by encouraging sales of distressed properties, rehabilitating neighborhoods and expanding the buyer pool to FHA-qualified families,”” concluded Schakett. Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News FHA Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-01-09 Abby Gregory in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technologycenter_img January 9, 2013 476 Views Envoy Mortgage Expands FHA Loan Product Offeringslast_img read more

Earnings Rise at Citi Mortgage Profits Fall

first_img “”Citigroup””:http://www.citigroup.com/citi/ reported a net income of $4.2 billion for the second quarter as credit losses diminished.[IMAGE]The bank’s Q2 earnings represent a 42 percent increase over Q2 2012’s estimated $2.9 billion.According to Citi’s quarterly earnings filing, the increase “”was driven by the higher revenues and lower net credit losses, which were partially offset by higher legal and related costs, a lower loan loss reserve release and a higher effective tax rate.””[COLUMN_BREAK]Citi’s allowance for loan losses was $21.6 billion–3.4 percent of total loans–as of the quarter’s end compared to $27.6 billion (4.3 percent of total loans) at the end of the prior-year period. The loan loss reserve release totaled $784 million in the quarter, down 22 percent year-over-year.Citi also reported a 4 percent decline in retail banking revenues to $1.6 billion, “”reflecting lower mortgage origination and servicing revenues … partially offset by a gain of approximately $180 million of the sale of a mortgage portfolio during the quarter.”” Retail banking revenues are expected to continue to suffer from lower mortgage origination revenues and spread compression, the bank said.On the positive said, CEO Michael Corbat noted Citi is on track as far as Basel III is concerned, saying, “”We increased our already strong capital levels, reaching an estimated Basel III Tier 1 Common ratio of 10 percent. Generating consistent and quality earnings is a key priority and this quarter met that goal.”” Share in Origination, Servicing Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Citigroup Investors Lenders & Servicers Profits Quarterly Earnings Service Providers 2013-07-15 Tory Barringercenter_img July 15, 2013 422 Views Earnings Rise at Citi, Mortgage Profits Falllast_img read more

New MGIC Guidelines Simplify Mortgage Insurance Application Process

first_imgNew MGIC Guidelines Simplify Mortgage Insurance Application Process in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. Mortgage Insurance Processing Service Providers 2013-08-14 Tory Barringer In an effort to streamline the mortgage insurance application process, “”Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation””:http://www.mgic.com/index.html (MGIC) introduced several changes to its underwriting guidelines.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]The company’s new MGIC Go! Guidelines apply to both primary residence and second home loans that receive and are processed according to a Desktop Underwriter (DU) Approve/Eligible or Loan Prospector (LP) Accept/Eligible response.Loans must meet several other overlays to be eligible: They must have a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 97 percent (or a 105 percent combined ratio), a minimum credit score of 620, and a maximum cash out of $150,000.A few types of loans are ineligible under the new MGIC Go! Guidelines: investment properties; three- to four-unit properties, and condos and co-ops listed on MGIC’s Ineligible Products List, among others.””MGIC has been unwavering in our goal to help support a robust mortgage market with a focus on sustainable homeownership,”” said Sal Miosi, VP of marketing at MGIC. “”We believe that these significant changes to our MGIC Go! guidelines stays true to that mission while making the process of applying for MI [mortgage insurance] simpler.””center_img August 14, 2013 434 Views Sharelast_img read more

Moving Out of the Comfort Zone to Build a New Bottom Line

first_img October 7, 2015 733 Views Share Altisource Portfolio Solutions Bottom Line Mortgage Brokers 2015-10-07 Staff Writer Mortgage brokers have always done well in lean environments by focusing on their core competencies and minding the bottom line. This commentary piece features John Vella, chief revenue officer of Altisource Portfolio Solutions, discussing how the residential property market is recovering–but at the same time, it’s experiencing a shrinking pool of the refinancing and distressed opportunities that helped mortgage brokers make it through some pretty lean years.Brokers don’t have to relegate themselves to the bottom for small improvements. Instead, now is precisely the right time to explore new revenue sources that may be just outside many brokers’ traditional comfort zones. The path to growth starts with clearly understanding the challenges brokers are facing – and then focusing on the potential solutions.Understanding the ProblemThe shift back to a purchase-based market is being driven by the impact of rising interest rates on the refinancing business. Previously, many brokers were able to bolster their bottom lines by seizing the opportunities in the refinance boom. It was a much-needed market expansion that introduced brokers to an entirely new crowd of customers. The distressed market has almost completely closed down with foreclosure inventories having been reduced to pre-crisis levels.To make up for that dwindling revenue, brokers are moving back to working with customers in the initial purchase market. Yet that market isn’t showing signs of tremendous growth anytime soon–so brokers have been left looking into every nook and cranny of their operations for efficiencies to improve their bottom line.Brokers should certainly find ways to reduce costs as they mine opportunities to grow revenue. To keep bottom lines steady, most brokers should look to build a variable expense structure around the items they can control–aligning expenses with revenue while reducing fixed overhead costs. However, that line-by-line trimming is only going to help so much.John Vella, chief revenue officer of Altisource Portfolio SolutionsRecognizing the Opportunities AheadMortgage companies need a new boom. Fortunately, there are real opportunities out there–quite possibly right in brokers’ own backyards. If the market could pivot to refinancing, why can’t it find the next growth opportunities among small balance commercial loan referral programs or by tapping into the reverse mortgage market?After all, most likely embedded in a broker’s customer list is a large population of older homeowners who are attracted to the simplicity of selling their home and moving into a rental property. At the same time, these customers’ grandchildren are among a generation that doesn’t appear as interested in becoming homeowners–at least, not right away. These macro trends are driving opportunities in small balance commercial loans for rental properties.On the other end of the spectrum, a broker’s rolodex may also be filled with homeowners who are ready to tap into a lifetime of home equity through reverse mortgages.Agents and brokers can also earn incremental revenue by issuing broker price opinions, becoming a property manager, and/or providing property inspection services in today’s rental-focused market.Seizing the DayNow, these burgeoning areas may seem out of focus and complicated for the purely loan origination-focused broker. Many may not want to put stress on their business by stepping outside their comfort zone. Small firms, in particular, don’t have wiggle room to make strategic moves into new areas.The key for these brokers is to find partners and technology platforms that can help them dip a toe into new areas–as opposed to diving in head first. As they explore small balance and commercial loans or reverse mortgages, they can get help by outsourcing some of the functions traditionally managed in-house–for example, loan processing or the quality control of closed loans. Just about every step in the lifecycle of a loan origination has a third-party tool that a broker can use for outsourcing. Mortgage brokers are skilled at identifying business and finding opportunities, and they can transfer those skills into the commercial and reverse mortgage arenas–especially if these brokers get the support they need from the right outsourcing tools.The Bottom LineIn the end, the hardest part about making this shift may simply be opening up purchase originators’ eyes to the opportunities that are right in front of them. The key is taking the first step. It’s time for brokers to stop thinking only about the bottom line–and start focusing on the new top line revenue opportunities that are within their reach.Real estate agents and brokers have always been resilient through origination booms and record distressed real estate inventories. The industry and market moving to more online real estate activities is also forcing a change in the broker business model. By adapting to investors’, buyers’ and sellers’ needs in this ever-changing market, agents and brokers will continue to find a way to prosper. The willingness to change and the attitude to change is the first step, as getting outside a comfort zone is never easy. With a growing rental market, flat purchase market, declining distressed market, the brokerage community will adapt and continue to be a valuable resource.Click here to learn more about Altisource.center_img Moving Out of the Comfort Zone to Build a New Bottom Line in Commentary, Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Servicing, Technologylast_img read more

Will DoddFrank be Out of the Picture Soon

first_img May 31, 2016 526 Views Dodd-Frank Act Reform Republicans 2016-05-31 Seth Welborn in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News While Republicans have been trying to roll back parts of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act since it was passed in 2010, in the next couple of weeks they have promised that some massive reform proposals are coming.U.S. Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, plans to present his party’s alternative to Dodd-Frank during a speech at the Economic Club of New York on June 7, according to a release from the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday. Hensarling recently told MReport that “America needs a new vision—a new model for financial reform—because the Dodd-Frank Act is a failure.”Hensarling has not revealed any specifics about his plan as of yet, but it is believed that it will be simpler than the massive 2,300-page Dodd-Frank legislation, of which parts are still being enacted six years after the president signed it into law. He has said, however, that his plan will be tougher on Wall Street than Dodd-Frank, which the Republicans believe uses a “one size fits all” approach to reforming Wall Street that has adversely affected Main Street.In a public address back in March, Hensarling said that Dodd-Frank “stands as a monument to the arrogance and hubris of man in that its answer to incomprehensible complexity and government control is yet more incomprehensible complexity and more government control.”Hensarling’s plan is likely to include some type of reform to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which was created out of the Dodd-Frank Act. Hensarling has long criticized the Bureau as unaccountable and too powerful, and that in its current form, “it is producing great harm for consumers.”“(Dodd-Frank) stands as a monument to the arrogance and hubris of man in that its answer to incomprehensible complexity and government control is yet more incomprehensible complexity and more government control.”Jeb HensarlingAnother GOP Dodd-Frank reform proposal is coming soon from Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who told Reuters on May 18 that Dodd-Frank was a “negative force” and that he will completely overhaul the law if he is elected president.Trump said that the controversial Wall Street reform law “makes it very hard for bankers to loan money for people to create jobs, for people with businesses to create jobs. And that has to stop.” He did not reveal specifics of his proposal, but he did say it would include a “near dismantling” of Dodd-Frank. He said on May 18 that he would unveil his plan in the next couple of weeks.Any attempt at major Dodd-Frank overhaul will be met with aggressive opposition from Democrats, who view Dodd-Frank as one of President Obama’s greatest victories. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), one of Dodd-Frank’s biggest backers and one of the main architects of the CFPB, said recently, “Look, if Wall Street and their buddies in the Republican party want to launch an assault on financial regulations and they want to try to roll back Dodd-Frank, all I can say is, let’s have that fight. I’m ready. You can make it with words or anything else you want, but I am not backing down.”Click here for the live streaming of Hensarling’s speech on June 7.center_img Will Dodd-Frank be Out of the Picture Soon? Sharelast_img read more

Borrowing Power Amidst Rising Mortgage Rates

first_img Share December 12, 2017 530 Views In a recent Economic Center Blog by First American, their Chief Economist Mark Fleming delves into an analysis of the “near certainty” that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will raise the short-term Federal Funds rate on Wednesday—and what that means for first-time homebuyers.According to Fleming, the CME group estimates the probability of a 25 basis-point increase at 90.2 percent—an increase that will mainly impact those just entering the market. As most existing homeowners have a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage, it is noteworthy that a change in short-term Federal Funds rate won’t truly make an impact for homeowners to worry about.Although, it’s a different story for renters looking into entering homeownership. Fleming notes that for those renters that are potential homebuyers, any influence that a short-term rate change has on mortgage rates can be “materially consequential” to how much they can afford to buy.Therefore, Fleming asks: “Which cities offer first-time homebuyers the most borrowing power?”Using each market’s annual median renter household income, the five cities where renters have the most borrowing power are San Jose, at $490,143, San Francisco at $357,465, Washington, D.C. at $333,652, Raleigh, North Carolina at $310,007, and Seattle at $295,750.Meanwhile, the five markets where renters have the least borrowing power are, Birmingham, Alabama, with a median renter household income at $146,140, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at $151,917, Buffalo, New York at $156,375, Indianapolis, Indiana at $161,490, and finally Richmond, Virginia at $162,967.Despite borrowing power falling marginally for the potential homebuyer, Fleming’s data reports that it remains higher across all markets compared to the long-run historical average mortgage rate.“It is easy to overlook, but the reality is first-time home buyers have greater borrowing power today than in most of the last 40 years and that won’t change, even as mortgage rates rise in 2018,” Fleming added. “So, fear not, potential first-time home buyers, the American Dream will remain within reach if mortgage rates rise next year.”To view the full blog, click here. Borrowing Power Amidst Rising Mortgage Ratescenter_img First American HOUSING Mark Fleming mortgage 2017-12-12 Nicole Casperson in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Newslast_img read more

Mortgage Housing Optimism Stays Strong … for Now

first_img Share in Daily Dose, Featured, journal, Market Studies, News, Origination Home Prices HOME survey Housing Inventory Housing Optimism inventory shortages NAR Survey National Association of Realtors 2018-06-25 David Wharton When it comes to Americans’ optimism about buying homes, Q2’s numbers might as well be cribbed from the National Association of Realtors’ Q1 report. NAR’s second quarter Housing Opportunities and Market Experience (HOME) survey found that 68 percent of people think it’s a good time to buy—statistically, pretty much the same as in the first quarter.That optimism has remained steady among homeowners in particular. As with last quarter, 39 percent strongly agree that now is a good time to buy, while 29 percent moderately agree. Among renters, however, those positive feelings dropped from 55 to 49 percent in Q2. Optimism is highest among older buyers (65 or over) and those living in the South and Midwest regions (73 and 71 percent, respectively).NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said affordability and low inventory are eroding buyer confidence. “Inventory remains the driving force in real estate, affecting everything for rising prices to household formation. Improving supply conditions is critical to improving buyer optimism and helping to remove some of the barriers holding back potential first-time buyers,” Yun said.Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed said they believe that home prices have gone up in their area within the last 12 months. That’s up from 63 percent last quarter. Meanwhile, 55 percent also believe that home prices will keep going up in their communities through year’s end. That’s about where it was last quarter, too.Those numbers also largely mirror optimism about the economy in general. According to the report, almost 60 percent said the economy will stay strong. Most of the optimists are in rural areas, where 63 percent said the economy is improving.The largest change in perception from Q1 regarded mortgages. Forty-six percent of those surveyed said they do not believe it would be difficult to obtain a mortgage. While still less than half, that number is up from 36 percent last quarter. “This is most likely a reflection of the current positive outlook on the direction of the economy,” Yun said. “Healthy job creation and faster wage growth mean that homeownership is viewed as a more attainable goal than it was a year ago.” But optimism for several years ahead was a little less bouncy. Asked if homeownership will be easier or harder to attain for future generations, 73 percent said it will be harder for future generations to purchase a home, compared to 11 percent who said it will be easier. On the other side of the table, 75 percent believe that now is a good time to sell. Twenty-nine percent overall said that now is not a good time to sell a home. Among homeowners, that number was 19 percent.“Hopefully, this strong seller optimism will lead to an increase in inventory later on in the year,” said Yun.center_img Mortgage, Housing Optimism Stays Strong … for Now June 25, 2018 545 Views last_img read more

Moving Out or Staying Put

first_imgMoving Out or Staying Put Share Home price homeowners homes HOUSING Realtor.com 2018-08-02 Radhika Ojha August 2, 2018 676 Views center_img Few homes are permanent, but in some cities, some homeowners may take longer to leave than others. According to a study conducted by Realtor.com, several cities in the U.S. see their residents stay put for much longer than average, for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, Realtor.com analyzed, which cities see their homeowning residents move out of their properties the quickest.According to a report by the National Association of Realtors overall, homeowners have been staying in their homes longer in the past decade, going from a median six years at one address in 2008 to a median 10 beginning in 2014. With an average time between sales of 99 months, the Realtor.com analysis found that El Paso, Texas topped the list of cities where homeowners stayed put the longest. With just a month less on its average time between sales, Albuquerque, New Mexico came in second. The study found that Albuquerque had a mix of lifelong residents and retirees who moved to the city because of the mild winters, dry heat, and affordable home prices.Oxnard, California came in third, followed by Greensboro, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to make up the top five cities where homeowners stayed put the longest.At the opposite end of the scale was Providence, Rhode Island. Even with a median home price of $350,000, residents are still moving up and out in an average of just 33 months, due in part to a large number of college students and their professors. With an average time between sale of 35 months and a median home list price of $299,800, Cape Coral, Florida was the second city where people moved homes quickly.Despite low taxes, a business-friendly environment, and a charming downtown, the city of Greenville in South Carolina came third on this list with an average time between sales at 36 months and a median home list price of $200,000.  New Orleans, Louisiana, and Madison, Wisconsin rounded off the five cities where people moved the fastest. in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Newslast_img read more

Royal Caribbeans worldwide WOW sale includes savi

first_imgRoyal Caribbean’s worldwide WOW sale includes savings of up to 30 per cent on cruise fares and up to USD$400 onboard credit per stateroom.The offer is available for all new bookings on local and international voyages departing after 24 April 2018, excluding China, and ends on 3 May 2018. Guests who book on eligible sailings will receive onboard credit tiered by stateroom – Interior Staterooms will receive $USD100 onboard credit, Oceanview Staterooms will receive USD$150 onboard credit, Balcony Staterooms will enjoy USD$200 onboard credit and Suite guests can indulge in USD$400 onboard credit.*Terms and conditions apply. Azamara Club Cruises has rolled out its “Spend or Save” offer, which is combinable with back to back savings, onboard booking program, LCV quarterly savings and reduced singles. Guests making eligible bookings, made before 31 May 2018 on selected Azamara Club Cruises, on a range of local and international sailings departing on or after 31 October 2018 will have the choice to receive up to AUD$3,000 off their cruise, or receive the same amount in US dollars onboard spending money per stateroom.Savings are tiered according to stateroom and are based on double occupancy. Interior and Oceanview Staterooms will receive up to AUD$1,000 savings or onboard credit, Balcony Staterooms will receive up to AUD$2,000 savings or onboard credit, and Suites will enjoy AUD$3,000 savings or onboard credit.*Terms and conditions apply. Guests booking holidays on Celebrity Cruises are being offered the cruise line’s ‘Go Better for Free’ sale. New bookings made in Oceanview Staterooms and above, before 2 May 2018, on a range of Caribbean, Asia and Europe sailings departing between 1 June 2018 and 30 April 2019, will receive two free perks in the form of a Classic Beverage Package, USD$150 per person Onboard Credit, Complimentary Unlimited Wifi or an additional US$150 per person Onboard Credit. Suite bookings on eligible sailings will enjoy even more and receive the ‘Go Best’ option for free, which includes all four free perks with a Premium Beverage Package upgrade. Additionally, third and fourth passengers can sail for up to 50% off.*Terms and conditions apply.IMAGE: Azamara Club Cruises Azamara ClubCelebrity CruisescruiseRoyal Caribbeanlast_img read more

One Only Resorts Daydream Island Resort Belmon

first_imgOne & Only Resorts, Daydream Island Resort, Belmond, Galaxy Macau, The Ritz Carlton Hawaii and Maverick Helicopters are among the confirmed luxury/premium exhibitors confirmed for AIME 2019.“We’re extremely excited to be welcoming some of the finest high end services in the industry. Our 2019 event will be a true representation of the growth of luxury travel, as well as the perfect platform to showcase some magical locations and venues available. From intimate resorts to wilderness wonders – there’s a an experience waiting to be discovered that can truly elevate your next event,” said Matt Pearce, Director, Talk2 Media & Events.Endorsing the demand for bespoke personalisation, Jayson Heron, Director of Sales and Marketing of Daydream Island Resort said, “We understand that whilst tourist and business groups travel from all over the world to connect with our breath-taking landscape, they are all searching for a very unique and personal experience. Whether barefoot on our beaches with the backdrop of the Whitsundays or snorkelling alongside vibrant coral of the Great Barrier Reef – we help curate all aspects of their stay to ensure guests are treated to their ultimate island experience.”Running from 18–20 February, AIME is the first event to kick off the 2019 MICE calendar and is held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.To register to attend AIME 2019 as a visitor CLICK HERE. AIMEluxurylast_img read more

– 5

first_img– / 5 Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation 0 Comments   Share   last_img

The Arizona Cardinals expected quarterback Carson

first_img The Arizona Cardinals expected quarterback Carson Palmer to do big things, but how he’s done it in 2015 comes as a bit of a surprise. That’s because Arizona has been nothing but successful running play-action — faking hand-offs before throwing the ball downfield.Aggressive play-action wasn’t expected to be part of the plan considering the Cardinals weren’t projected to be a run-heavy team. But running back Chris Johnson has changed that, according to ESPN Insider Ron Jaworski. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Top Stories Your browser does not support the audio element. “Here’s a wily ol’ veteran who has a tremendous clarity of what the defense is doing,” Jaworski said. “He knows how to settle in the zone. When you play a zone against Larry Fitzgerald, he will slice you up.” Comments   Share   Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) drops back to pass against the Detroit Lions during an NFL football game at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)center_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling “You can see the benefit to Carson Palmer when you’re running the football and the play-action passing game is at your disposal,” Jaws told Burns and Gambo on Arizona Sports 98.7. “And Johnson is getting better every week. I”m starting to see that jump-cut, that quickness, that explosiveness. I think he’s going to get better as the season goes on.”Johnson is tied for second in the NFL with 405 total rushing yards and his success has opened up an efficient passing attack. Last week against the Detroit Lions, Palmer threw just 14 passes but completed 11. He recorded as many touchdowns as incompletions.Jaworski and his research team found just how effective Palmer has been using the run game to make big plays. He said Palmer has completed 22-of-27 passes for 354 yards out of play-action. That’s 13 yards per attempt, which ranks No. 1 of all quarterbacks with at least four starts. “By the way, that is a perfect passer rating out of play-action,” Jaworski added.Jaworski also shared what he’s found in studying Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.Arizona’s leading receiver (35 catches for 490 yards and six touchdowns) has thrived against zone coverage but his age has shown against man. Fitzgerald has made 12 catches for 126 yards against man-to-man coverage this season and 23 receptions for 364 yards against zone schemes. Eight of nine incompletions that targeted Fitzgerald were against man coverage, according to Jaworski. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo LISTEN: Ron Jaworski, ESPN NFL analyst Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Chris Johnson: Was a bit of a surprise when he came back for another season in what was bound to be a decreased role. Uneven start to a year that was cut short due to an injury that landed him on injured reserve. Can he find more carries elsewhere?Kevin Minter: Played well, finishing second on the team in tackles while posting a career-best 3.5 sacks. Has value, but will the Cardinals want more speed and range at his middle linebacker position and another team might value him more.Earl Watford: Arizona’s “Swiss Army Knife” along the offensive line, he has filled in at multiple positions but has yet to truly establish himself as a starting lineman. Arizona’s newfound depth up front, along with Watford’s desire to start, may lead him elsewhere.Not coming backMike Jenkins: Was brought in during camp and seemed to have a shot at earning significant reps until a broken hand ended his season before it could even begin.Alex Okafor: A couple years ago he was one of the team’s rising young pass rushers, but uneven performances and shaky off-the-field issues led to his role being diminished. Played well on special teams, but will want more than he can get in Arizona. Whichever direction GM Steve Keim, Arians and the rest of the organization takes will be made more difficult by the fact that the team has a substantial number of free agents, many of whom played key roles for the team in 2016 or previous seasons.What will the Cardinals do? Well, much of their plan will likely be dictated to the kind of offers their own free agents receive.For some of them, there is probably a mutual understanding that it is best for both sides to move on from each other. But for others, they may have professed a desire to return, and it would be wrong to call that into question. But money and opportunity talk in the NFL, and if a player finds more with another team, it would not be a surprise to see them bolt.With that in mind, here is one man’s guess as to what will happen with the Cardinals whose contracts are up.Note: * indicates player is a restricted free agentThey’ll be backChandler Jones: Had 11.5 sacks in first season with Cardinals. Team did not acquire him with idea of being a one-year rental. Arians has said they would use franchise tag, if necessary, though hope has been that the sides could come to a long-term agreement.Tony Jefferson: Did not get the contract he wanted last year and turned that motivation into a career season. May have more value in Arizona than with another team and can’t see Cardinals parting with another key member of secondary, though money talks and that could make things interesting. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Marcus Cooper: Led the team with four interceptions and was named a Pro Bowl alternate. Struggled at times, but when you play opposite Patrick Peterson, the ball will come your way often.Taylor Boggs*: Coaches seemed impressed with his progression and are intrigued with his potential.Brian Dixon*: Added from the Saints’ practice squad late in the season and has been a productive special teams player in the past. Doesn’t hurt to keep him through the offseason and bring him to training camp.Darren Fells*: Has shown flashes of being an above-average tight end but injuries and inconsistency have held him back. Not a bad player, though, and seems unlikely he will receive a big offer from another team.Jeremy Ross: Caught four passes — including a touchdown — as he was pressed into action with the Cardinals struggling at receiver. Big bodied player who should make it to training camp, at least.Wouldn’t bet on itCalais Campbell: Can you imagine the Cardinals without Campbell, who followed up a pair of Pro Bowl seasons with an eight-sack campaign in 2016? Still an impact player, good chance he will find a more lucrative contract offer elsewhere.D.J. Swearinger: Played very well in first full season with Cardinals, showing solid coverage ability as well as the big-hitting style he was known for. Tough to imagine his best offer coming from Arizona, though if Jefferson does not return Swearinger would move into the “probable” category. Top Stories Andre Ellington: Once the centerpiece of Arizona’s offense, Ellington turned into a bit player who struggled in his primary role as a kick returner. Not seen as a lead back, and in Arizona, nowhere for him to play. Chandler Catanzaro*: Did not have a particularly good season, though did have some big moments. Arians has expressed confidence, though if nothing else, no reason not to bring him back as part of any camp competition.Sio Moore: A late-season pickup, Moore played well over the final few weeks as injuries pressed him into the lineup.Probably returningJermaine Gresham: Took less money to come back to the Cardinals on a one-year deal. Played especially well in season’s second half and was cited as an emotional leader for the team.Frostee Rucker: Solid veteran whose impact was more as a leader than statistical. Has dealt with injuries last couple of seasons that have impacted his on-field performance. At 33, does he want to continue his career?A.Q. Shipley: Finally got his chance to be a full-time starter and was only offensive lineman to get through season without injury. Solid player who can play guard, too. Would role be the same in 2017?Zaviar Gooden*: Contributed on special teams. Intriguing young player who the team has no reason to part with.Stepfan Taylor: Solid special teams player who never carved out a significant role with the offense. Has value, though, as he can help out in a pinch. With Super Bowl LI now a thing of the past, it is officially time to move on to the 2017 season.For the Arizona Cardinals, that means making a good many decisions this offseason.Coming off a campaign that began with Super Bowl expectations but finished with a 7-8-1 record, the goal may not necessarily be to rebuild the roster, but instead tweak it just enough to get it back into the postseason.“Really to sign our own guys,” head coach Bruce Arians said of what his team’s biggest offseason need is. “If we can get our own guys back and not have to teach a lot of new guys things.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Arizona Cardinals’ Chandler Jones watches the scoreboard during the second half of an NFL preseason football game against the Oakland Raiders Friday, Aug. 12, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. The Raiders defeated the Cardinals 31-10. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Arizona Cardinals earned four compensatory 2019 NFL Draft picks based off their free agent losses from last offseason.The NFL awarded its 32 compensatory picks on Friday, and along with the Cardinals, only the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins earned the maximum of four extra draft selections.Arizona earned one sixth-round pick (35th in the round, 208th overall) and three seventh-round picks: 34th in the round, 248th overall; 35th in the round, 249th overall; and 40th in the round, 254th overall. Arizona already had the first pick in each of the first six rounds of the draft.It also acquired the sixth pick in the sixth round in exchange for the selection leading off the seventh round after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired former Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who retired from the NFL after 2017. The NFL awarded the Cardinals that swap as compensation for losing Arians, whose rights were still owned by Arizona, the NFL decided.Related LinksReport: Cards receive compensation from Tampa Bay for AriansCardinals need to select Kyler Murray with No. 1 pick in 2019 NFL DraftMarkus Golden to Sirius XM: Agent, Cardinals had talks of re-signingNewest ‘Cardinals Flight Plan’ covers Kingsbury’s upbringing, new coachesThe NFL distributes compensatory picks from the third through seventh rounds of the draft each year based on a selected pool of free agents lost.A formula takes salary, playing time and postseason honors into consideration to value players and determine whether teams should be compensated for those players leaving in free agency. But the compensated-for players are also determined by a formula dictated by individual teams’ gains and losses of unrestricted free agents each year.According to a projection by OverTheCap.com, the Cardinals received compensation for losing pass-rusher Kareem Martin (Giants), backup quarterback Drew Stanton (Browns) and receiver Jaron Brown (Seahawks) last offseason.They also lost cornerback Tramon Williams (Packers) and quarterback Blaine Gabbert (Titans). In free agency, the Cardinals gained offensive guard Justin Pugh and right tackle Andre Smith. 10 Comments   Share   Top Stories Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim joins Doug & Wolf for an interview on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station on Feb. 13, 2019. (Arizona Sports/Matt Layman) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and Harald Kitz creato

first_imgThe Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and Harald Kitz, creator of the haki method, have opened a new kind of treatment suite. Four exclusively created haki rituals restore natural balance and strength to people suffering from imbalances and mental and physical burdens – alone or as a couple. To launch the innovative services, the five-star resort presents the“haki® – Time out for your head” overnight package.Nowadays, people spend their time racing through life in the fast lane, driven by the constant pressure to make sure they don’t miss out or fail to meet up to expectations. The consequences of this are conflict, dissatisfaction and stress – all at the cost of our health. This is where the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz comes in with new treatments. Europe’s leading wellbeing and medical health resort is renowned for its interdisciplinary medical expertise and a range of wellbeing services based on the healing powers of the Ragazer thermal water to comprehensively improve and maintain people’s health.Introducing new dimensions of wellbeingIn cooperation with Harald Kitz, the resort further expanded its range of haki services in 2017 and created an innovative and globally unique treatment suite in its Tamina Therme, one of the resorts Spa areas: “haki® – Time out for your head”. Based on his many years of experience, the founder of the haki philosophy combined space, music, sound, colours, fragrances and the thermal water experience with the touching of the body and the activation of the senses to help the people of today find their rhythm.“Guests who use the room can set aside any pressure that is weighing down on them and place themselves in our capable hands. We therapists help them discover new strength and their body’s natural balance,” comments Kitz in explanation of his greatest wellbeing masterpiece to date.What makes the treatments so extraordinary is the sophisticated manner, in which infrastructure, atmosphere and treatment are combined. In four sensory worlds, new 60- to 150-minute rituals exclusively available in Bad Ragaz provide relaxation and inner harmony.“haki® – Time out for your head” – alone or with your loved oneTo launch the haki rituals in the specially designed “haki® – The Art of Touch” treatment suite, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is offering guests the exclusive “haki® – a treatment for two” overnight package. The “haki® – Reconciliation” treatment is the most comprehensive of the four rituals, releasing guests from physical and emotional pressure in order to offer new strength to their body, mind and soul. The ritual begins in the Room of the Senses, which uses darkness to help guests focus on inner mindfulness. Hearing, touch, smell and feel are all important. Guests then have any burdens, troubled thoughts and negative energy washed away in the Rain Hall, where the warm, healing thermal water is cleansing and releasing. The third step is characterised by touch. Foam and compress massages, thermal water affusions and a warm, full-body oil treatment, followed by a haki treatment, release pressure and tension from the body. The treatment ends with a period of calm and creativity, until it is time to return to the outside world – with a new level of consciousness.The package offers guests a new dimension of wellbeing in the five-star atmosphere of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz until 20 December 2017 and includes:Two nights including a generous buffet breakfast36.5-degree wellbeing packageWelcome drink at the barDaily four-course lunch or dinnerOne “haki® – Reconciliation” rituallast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Following an increase

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterFollowing an increase in demand from multigenerational visitors, The Sarojin, Thailand’s 56-room residence, has introduced seven Two-Bedroom Pool Residences, which are designed to help older families make the most of the resort.This new offering uses both the Garden Residence and Pool Residence. The Two-Bedroom Pool Residences are located on the ground floor and have a connecting door between the Pool and Garden Residences, providing an alternative to two separate rooms.The 215-square-metre Residences will feature two king size beds, with two extra beds available on request for family groups of up to six people, including those travelling with grandparents and children 10 years and over.The Two-Bedroom Residences benefit from a swimming pool, two outside sun terraces, as well as two bathrooms, which feature a couples’ bath, rainfall and adjustable showers.Two Bedroom Pool Residence Rates start at AU$711 per night inclusive of daily all day à la carte breakfast with sparkling wine, served until 6pm, for four persons and all taxes.Two extra beds can be accommodated and the rate per extra person per night (AU$31), inclusive of the all day a la carte breakfast with sparkling wine and all taxes.New Spa Suite Rewards programThe Sarojin also has a new Spa Suite Spa Bonus Redemption program. All Spa Suite guests accrue spa credits per room for each night of their stay to exchange for spa treatments, including individual treatments and spa packages. Guests can choose a daily Thai or Royal Oriental (Aroma) massage or accumulate credits for longer massages, body scrubs, Elemis facials and full spa packages. As a further bonus, using six nights’ credits, couples can enjoy the four-hour Nature’s Midday Haven package for two people, which includes Thai and moisturising massages, aromatic baths, coconut and rice body scrubs, as well as a spa cuisine lunch.Each of the hotel’s 14 Spa Suites feature an ensuite couples’ bathroom, bedroom with king-size bed, separate spacious lounge area, outdoor relaxation pool and garden views from its own private terrace.Spa Suite room rates start at AU$395 per night, inclusive of daily all day a la carte breakfast with sparkling wine, served until 6pm, for two persons and all taxes. From rates are for 10 May – 30 September 2018, inclusive of 10 percent early bird/30 days.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Perkins also noted that Universal Studios Hollywoo

first_imgPerkins also noted that Universal Studios Hollywood tickets sold through travel agents from Australia provide clients with early entry (30 minutes) to the theme park every day before the doors are opened to the general public. The offer is available up until 24 May.After Monday night’s Sydney event, a similar Thanksgiving Dinner was thrown for a select group of luxury travel advisors in Brisbane on Wednesday night, where another lucky advisor also won a trip to Los Angeles.Brisbane event (from left): Nicole Bennett, Delta Air Lines Head of Sales Australia & NZ; Prizewinner Brooke Padman, Dreamlines travel advisor; Craig Gibbons, Discover Los Angeles Regional Director; Lorraine Donnan, Virgin Australia Queensland Leader and Tahnee Perkins, West Hollywood Travel & Tourism Account Director. Lead image: Craig Gibbons, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand for the LATCB; Ashlea Sweet from Concierge Traveller (lucky prize draw winner of a trip for two to Los Angeles, including four nights accommodation and a VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood), Tahnee Perkins, West Hollywood Travel & Tourism; Nicole Bennett, Delta Air Lines and Rob Hamer Jones, Virgin Australia.Go back to the enewsletter Go back to the enewsletterDiscover Los Angeles, West Hollywood Travel & Tourism Board and Universal Studios Hollywood, in conjunction with Delta Air Lines and Virgin Australia, hosted a special early Thanksgiving feast at Glass Brasserie in Sydney for 25 luxury travel advisors on Monday night (19 November 2018).The function was held to thank a group of the top luxury travel retailers and home-based agency supporters of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, and included a chance for one participant to win a trip for two to California.Guests were treated to a menu handcrafted by Virgin Australia’s own Resident Chef, and Glass Brasserie’s head honcho, Luke Mangan, inspired by the US holiday. The menu included roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, broccoli and cheese gratin, kale and apple salad with pancetta and candied pecans and sweet potato casserole, followed by the traditional pumpkin pie with buttermilk sorbet.Craig Gibbons, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (LATCB) addressed agents on the current situation in LA, making mention of the devastating fires which impacted surrounding areas of the city in recent weeks.“It’s a very poignant time given the wildfires in California, and in particular Southern California. I can confirm that no major tourism infrastructure or hotels have been affected in LA. The fires affected the surrounding areas of LA, but not in the city itself. So if your clients are enquiring about those areas, it is all virtually still open for business in LA and Southern California,” Gibbons said.Gibbons also presented an update on the changing face of the luxury hotel-front in Los Angeles, noting the opening of Nobu Ryokan Malibu last year, which is part of the Virtuoso network. Positioned adjacent to Nobu restaurant, the beachfront property features 16 rooms and offers guests priority dining at the restaurant.Other recent additions include The NoMad Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. It has opened within the historic Giannini Place, originally built in the 1920s as the headquarters for The Bank of Italy, and which had laid dormant since 1965. “It has now been fully renovated and reopened with one of the hottest rooftop pool-and-bar areas and the most amazing restaurants, with incredible architecture,” he said.The former Hyatt Century City, previously very popular with the Australian market, is set to reopen next year after a major refit under the luxury Fairmont brand as Fairmont Century Plaza. It will complement Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica. Next door to Fairmont Century Plaza, Westfield has just completed a brand new luxury shopping centre, Westfield Century City.Discover Los Angeles’ Luxury GuideLos Angeles International Airport is also going through another overhaul, this time to the tune of US$14 billion which will include a new monorail that will connect travellers to the multiple terminals at the airport, and connect with the Metro Rail and car rental dealerships. Construction began this year and will be completed in 2023, making it easier, faster more efficient to navigate.In terms of luxury products, LAX also has the new Private Suites which feature their own TSA private security and lounges. This ultra-luxe product is available through Virtuoso and is commissionable to travel agents, with enquiries able to be processed through the Discover Los Angeles office here in Australia.Upcoming new experiences for LA include the Academy Museum on the “Miracle Mile” which focuses on The Oscars and will feature one of the largest collections of movie memorabilia. Additionally, movie producer George Lucas is building his own $1 billion museum just south of Downtown, near The Colosseum. It is set to open in 2021.Gibbons told attendees the Discover Los Angeles office in Sydney is also able to assist agents with concierge services for VIP clients for items such as restaurant reservations or awards show tickets, such as the Oscars or luxury vehicles.Discover Los Angeles also produces a 32-page Luxury Guide for holiday inspiration, which highlights shopping, dining, VIP experiences, hotels and a collection of 72-hour itineraries in Los Angeles. A soft copy can be accessed online here. Hard copies of the guide can also be ordered by emailing oceania@LAtourism.org.Tahnee Perkins from West Hollywood (WeHo) Travel & Tourism Board said the district is the heart of LA.West Hollywood is the “home of the icons and rebels, the insiders and the open-minded, the famous and the infamous,” Perkins said. “It’s where rock and roll meets fashion, art merges with lifestyle and everyone is free to be different.”In her hotel update, Perkins informed guests of the upcoming name change for The Jeremy West Hollywood, to be known as 1 West Hollywood, along with The Chamberlain‘s redesign features sophisticated interiors “reflective of old Hollywood glamour”. Le Montrose Suite Hotel has rebranded as the Montrose West Hollywood; a boutique property by OLS Hotels & Resorts.In early 2019, The West Hollywood EDITION will be launched by Marriott International and featuring 190 guest rooms and suites and 20 luxury residences. Meanwhile, Pendry Hotel & Residences will add West Hollywood to its portfolio in around 12 months, a new luxury hospitality brand from Montage International.Nicole Bennett, Head of Sales for Delta Air Lines and Rob Hamer Jones, State Sales Manager NSW, Virgin Australia said the seven-year transPacific joint venture is going strong, and is referred to as “two airlines and unlimited rewards” with customers able to earn frequent flyer points and status credits on each airline. Bennett said the introduction of the Delta One Suite from April 2019 would be a game-changer for the US carrier, offering a sliding door – the only airline flying non-stop between the US and Australia offer a Suite in Business Class product.“What is also exciting for Delta in this market is that we’ll be introducing a true Premium Economy product for the market. It will feature 48 seats in the cabin,” Bennett said. “In addition to the Delta One Suite and Delta Premium Economy we’ll also have Comfort Plus seating. It’s an Economy product but offering four inches more legroom and 50% more recline. Currently, it’s a fare product and will be sold as an ancillary, and there will be 90 Comfort Plus seats on the aircraft from April.”Bennett also said Delta was injecting $1.9 billion in the Los Angeles Terminal and the new Sky Way, with the enhancement to benefit Virgin Australia’s operation at LAX. With increasing gateway points into the USA by rival airlines from the Oceania region, Bennett’s message to luxury travel sellers was clear.“Do not be scared to sell Los Angeles. It is a great gateway city still and it’s going to get better and better over the years to come.”Nicole Bennett, Delta Air Lines’ Head of Sales, AustraliaAlso representing Universal Studios Hollywood, Tahnee Perkins said the popular theme park is continually evolving and redeveloping with “the latest ride technology” and TV & film productions on site. She also encouraged the advisors to recommend the VIP Experience to their clients. It includes exclusive guided access to Backlot sets not open to the general public; unlimited priority access to every ride, attraction and show; and entry to the VIP Lounge and a gourmet lunch in the VIP dining room.last_img read more

Related Air New Zealands Skycouch would you pay

first_img RelatedAir New Zealand’s Skycouch: would you pay to lie down and who would you share with?Air New Zealand has recently revealed their new ‘Skycouch’ seating option on their long haul flights.Bad Travelling Partners: Nightmare neighboursSo who really are the worst people to sit next to on a plane? VOTE NOW!Iceland Volcano: would you still fly? VOTE NOW!Iceland Volcano: would you still fly? VOTE NOW! Often you can save money on flights if you’re prepared to take an indirect route. This is especially true of medium and long haul flights – and savings can sometimes be made on short haul flights too.In addition to saving money, you can even see the stop over as a bonus because you get to see another place – if the stop over is long enough. Even just a few hours is normally enough to leave the airport and head into the city for a quick bite to eat, a visit to a museum or just a walk around to take in the atmosphere.With Skyscanner you can easily compare direct and indirect flights to see which is cheapest.VOTE NOW:<a href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1862943/” mce_href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1862943/”>Would you take an indirect flight if it was cheaper?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;” mce_style=”font-size:9px;”>(<a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com” mce_href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”>survey</a>)</span> ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

How much can I be fined for taking my children out

first_imgHow much can I be fined for taking my children out of school during term-time?If you take them out of school without permission you can receive a fine of £60*, which increases to £120 if you’ve not paid it within 21 days. If you continue to not pay the fine. after 28 days you could face going to court and end up paying £2,500 or even receiving three months in jail.How much do holiday prices increase when school is out?We’ve compared flight prices from last year’s Easter holidays with those from the week after (when the kids will be back in school). Here are the average price increases to the most popular destinations:Palma: 70%Malaga: 69%Berlin: 64%Barcelona: 63%Tenerife: 55%Dublin: 55%Alicante: 49%Belfast: 47%Orlando: 36%Dubai: 24%Paris: 24%Amsterdam: 23%Edinburgh: 10%New York: 8%How can holiday companies get away with hiking up prices?It all comes down to supply and demand. Just because more of us want to get away during the school holidays, it doesn’t mean that there’s an increase in the supply of airline seats or hotels rooms. As demand for these increases, it’s hardly surprising that prices usually go up, tempting many parents to take their children out of school during times when demand is lower and holidays are cheaper. 2. Take advantage of flash salesLots of airlines have flash sales these days, and some flight dates might just fall during school holidays. It means being not too fussy on where you go and jumping on a good deal when you see it, but it can save you a lot of cash. Have a look at our tips for finding flash sales flights before it’s too late and never miss a school holiday bargain again!3. Search ‘Everywhere’Being flexible on where you go on half-term or summer hols can save you cash – how about swapping Spanish sun for the beautiful beaches of Croatia? We’ve got a handy tool to help you find a cheap holiday if you’re not fussed where you go, it’s called our ‘everywhere’ search and it does pretty much what it says on the tin, you can search for flights to everywhere! Check it our and give it a whirl here. And in case you’re looking for cheap family holiday inspiration, we’ve got it covered right here.Have a go searching for cheap flights ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map How can I avoid being stung by price increases and save money on my family holiday?1. Sign up for Price AlertsSign up for Price Alert emails and we’ll let you know as soon as a the flights you’re tracking go up (or down).center_img What did the Supreme Court decide?Judges unanimously ruled to uphold a £120 fine on 46-year old father Jon Platt, who took his daughter to Florida for a week during term-time, despite being told by her school’s headteacher that this was not allowed. This comes after almost two years of legal battles with his local education authority, Isle of Wight council, whose original fine of £60 he successfully challenged. The deputy president of the court, Lady Hale, said:“Unauthorised absences have a disruptive effect, not only on the education of the individual child but also on the work of other pupils.” Why is this such an important ruling?In short, it means that the ban on taking your kids out of school during term-time is still in force – nothing on this front has changed, you will still be fined if you take your children out of school without the permission of the their headteacher. What this ruling also means is that a child’s overall attendance record should not, and will not, be taken into account when deciding if you’ve broken the rules when taking them out of school during term-time. Mr. Platt had argued that his daughter’s attendance at school was consistent enough to warrant a week off for a holiday, but this ruling makes his daughter’s attendance record irrelevant. Is it legal to take children out of school during term-time for holidays?If they are sick, or you have permission from their headteacher, then yes it is legal and ok for you take your kids out of school. Permission must be requested well in advance of your planned holiday. Headteachers were able to grant 10 days authorised absence, but now they can’t give any days unless they are for ‘exceptional circumstances’.last_img read more

The World Health Organization WHO announced Canc

first_imgThe World Health Organization (WHO) announced Cancun is safe and secure for tourists to visit and invited all nations to disable any travel restrictions and encourage their people to begin to travel to Cancun again.During the “Lessons Learned from Influenza Global Summit” inauguration speech, WHO Director, Dr. Margaret Chan, stated “Our representation here today is a statement of confidence. Mexico is safe and a beautifully warm, friendly and inviting destination to visit.” Dr. Chan went on to state that “Cancun is spectacular and without a doubt, she will be returning to the destination shortly with her family.” Ministers of health, representatives and decision makers from more than 50 countries around the globe were in attendance to witness Chan’s statement reaffirming her confidence in Mexico.Before President Felipe Calderon, the media and Mexico, Canada and the United Sates health secretaries, Dr. Chan firmly discussed how travel restrictions and border closures does not prevent the virus from spreading, yet can create undesirable and discriminative practices. Dr. Chan insisted on the importance in restoring tourism to such a magnificent and safe destination as Cancun and recognized the efforts made by the Mexican authorities in containing the epidemic and alerting the world immediately, regardless of the effects to its economy.www.cancun.travellast_img read more